Kalaba’s party dismisses police intimidation

Kalaba’s party dismisses police intimidation


Lusaka, 26th July 2021

Zambia Police IG Kakoma Kanganja is the worst IG Zambia has ever had and only Presidents like Lungu can keep him because both share failure as a common trait.

The statement released by Kanganja to bar opposition political parties from distributing masks is a recipe for anarchy. He should have started by acting professionally when President Lungu started it by abrogating the covid 19 rules and went to distribute masks in Bauleni, Mtendere, Kalulushi to mention just but a few. Unfortunately Kanganja didn’t because he wants to keep his Job by licking President Lungu’s boots at the expense of the seventeen million Zambians who are suffering. This man has betrayed his job as a Police Officer and the oath he took. One day posterity will surely judge him even if it will be in his grave.

It’s unfortunate that Mr Kanganja is also intimidating and abusing police officers and we sypathize with the poor officers. We can only urge police officers and Zambians to go and vote out PF on 12th August so that this unprofessional man who has held them at ramson leaves the police service and allow them to operate professionally under the leadership of President Kalaba and the DP.

In this regard, DP takes the statement from Mr Kanganja has political rhytoric coming from a PF cadre and we shall not bow to a man’s words who has sold his proffesion for goat soup.

As DP, we are Zambians with rights of association therefore we shall proceed with our market visits and other places and not even him Kanganja will stop us as long as President Lungu who is also a Presidential candidate is doing it or any other PF candidate and members. We shall stand strong until Zambia is liberated


Judith Kabemba
DP Vice President

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