Kalaba’s party registered but with new president

Kalaba’s party registered but with new president

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba’s political party has finally been registered.

The Reigiatrar of Society registered the Democratic Party.

But Kalaba might have fresh problems as the surrogate he trusted to register the party might keep the party for himself.

Kalaba entrusted a Kitwe businessman and former Copperbelt Patriotic Front official, Gift Kalumba to register the party.

But Kalumba is already campaigning that he is presidential candidate for 2021.

Kalumba still has string links to the PF as he is one of the favoured mine suppliers.

Below is notice:


Let’s tune in to Prime TV News and listen to the Democratic Party President and Party Spokesperson announcement of the New Party.

Kaka 2
Kalumba Gift
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