Kalabo residents boo commissioners, demand separation

Chairperson of the commission of inquiry into the January 14 Mongu riot, Roger Chongwe and chief Bright Nabubanda yesterday were booed and shouted at by Kalabo residents.

The residents of Kalabo and Libonda told off the commissioners and said that the inquiry is a sham aimed at cheating the people ofBarotseland.

Almost all the people who submitted on Thursday demanded that Barotseland should secede fromZambia.

Roger Chongwe was at pains to plead with the uncompromising crowd. He pleaded that the people should give the PF government chance to address their grievances over the Barotseland Agreement.

Chongwe tried his best to put the blame of the previous government but people continued shouting for separation.

He said the new Government of President Michael Sata had shown goodwill to find a lasting solution to the impasse over the agreement and should be given chance to do so.

“I do not think that the leadership of the province, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) is interested in secession,“ Chongwe later told journalists.

The BRE made submission on Tuesday and said they fully agree with people calling for separation.

The residents shouted even louder when to listen to one of the commissioners Chief Bright Nalubamba asked them to give the Government a chance to find a lasting solution over the Barotseland Agreement as secession was not a solution.

The residents told Nalubamba to go back to his chiefdom.

“There is need for reconciliation. I believe President Sata is serious and that is why he appointed the commission,” said Nalubamba amid booing.

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