Kalabo sub-chiefs demand recognition

Eleven sub chiefs in Kalabo district in western province have asked government to gazette them, just like many other chiefs in other parts of the country.

Speaking on behalf of the other chiefs, Libonda Royal Establishment Prime Minister Muleta said the sub chiefs do not feel respected because they are not officially recognized by Government by virtue of them not being gazetted.

Prime Minister Muleta wondered why other chiefs in some parts of the country have been gazetted while most chiefs in western province are not.

He explained that none of the over 30 chiefs in Kalabo district have been gazetted and that the story is no different from other districts in the province.

Prime Minister Muleta said this when Gender and Child Development deputy minister Josephine Limata met the 11 chiefs in Kalabo district recently to discuss issues affecting women and the girl child.
And the Libonda Royal Establishment has called on the PF government to empower women, saying themove was critical in fighting poverty and hunger in households.

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