Kalale to report ECZ chairperson to ACC

Dan Kalale has announced that he will report Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) chairperson Florence Mumba to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Kalale was fired as Executive Director by Justice Florence Mumba for blocking a K1 billion contract which Mumba wanted to award to her preferred audit firm without following tender procedure. It is not clear if this contract has now been awarded with Kalale out of the way.

Kalale told journalists Sunday morning that there is too much corruption in the ECZ under Mumba’s leadership.

Kalale said this corruption has led to low motivation among  ECZ workers and that this might affect the administration of elections this year.

Kalale said that he will report the case of the K1 billion corruption and other cases to the ACC.

Mumba and Kalale have been fighting over an audit exercise for some time.

Late last year Mumba suspended Kalale who as executive director rejected the chairperson’s manoeuvrings to award K1 Billion tender to an audit firm without following government tender procedure.

Florence Mumba, a supreme court judge, had directed Kalale to engage a named external auditors to audit ECZ accounts at a cost exceeding K1 billion.

Kalale refused saying any work on ECZ exceeding K200 million requires to go through the government tender procedure.

But Chairperson Mumba insisted and told the external auditors to move on site to start working.

When the auditors went to ECZ, Kalale chased them saying he was the executive director and did not know what they were doing at ECZ.

Parallel information received indicate that this is a battle for the control of the electoral commission ahead of 2011 polls.

The Watchdog further understands that Mumba has been working with a named senior journalist to prepare for the elections this year. She and this journalist have been attending dark-corner meetings with some donors.

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