Kalombo Mwansa to act as president

President Banda whispering to Kalombo Mwansa in White shirt

‘Public shy’  Defence Minister Kalombo Mwansa will act as president in the absence of both the president and Vice president.

President Rupiah Banda will on Tuesday leave for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to attend the World Economic Forum on Africa.

Vice president George Kunda is ion South Africa on account of illness.

Kalombo Mwansa has so far avoided public spotlight

Presidential spokesperson Dickson Jere clarified to the Watchdog that ‘it’s defence minister’ who will act since he is third in hierarchy.

And in a follow-up statement to the rest of the media, Jere said “President Banda has delegated the functions to Defence Minister Hon. Kalombo Mwansa, MP, to act in his absence since the Vice President is also out of the country for medical reviews.”

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