Kalombo says Mpombo is lying on corrupt arms deal

Defence Minister Kalombo Mwansa has said it is not true that President Rupiah Banda forced Kafulafuta Member of Parliament (MP) GeorgeMpombo to sign a contract to supply the country with fire arms.

Mwansa told a government newspaper Times that it was wrong for Mpombo to mislead the nation that he resigned from his ministerial position due to pressure from the President over a contract on fire arms.

Mwansa said any person who had served in a ministerial position was well aware that the minister did not sign any contracts on the procurement of any goods in the ministry because there was no provision for that.

“I can only comment that the system does not allow any minister tosign for any contract regarding the procurement of any goods in the ministry,” he said.

Mwansa claimed  that the general principle in the Government was that any contract or procurement should be done by the civil servantsand not as alleged by Mpombo that he was being forced to sign an arms deal by the President.

He said procurement was a civil service functions which did not require any minister’s signatory at any point until the tender wasapproved and eventually the purchase of the required goods.

Mpombo on Sunday featured on Muvi Television’s Programe called “the assignment” where he alleged that he was forced to resign from Government due to pressure from the President to sign a deal of firearms involving the President’s son based in South Africa.

Mpombo alleged that at a time he decided to go and see the President at State House, his son(President’s) and the person who wanted to supply the fire arms had already been to State House rendering his visit irrelevant.

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