Kalu loses multi-billion Woodlands mansion for failing to repay $26, 000

Kalu loses multi-billion Woodlands mansion for failing to repay $26, 000

Kalusha Bwalya

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President Kalusha Bwalya has lost his Woodlands mansion over US$26, 250 he borrowed but failed to repay.

High Court Judge Nigel Mutuna has dismissed with costs Kalusha Bwalya’ bid to get back his house from Ian Chamunora Nyarungwe Haruperi.

The facts presented to court were that sometime in 2008, Kalusha borrowed money from Haruperi’s company Chardore properties.

Haruperi told Kalusha that his company is neither a bank nor money lending company but was willing to lend him the money on condition that he surrenders the Title deeds to plot 921, Woodlands in Lusaka.

Kalusha surrendered the Title deeds and further signed what he said was blank sheet of paper.

Kalusha Bwalya told the court that when he went to pay back the money, he discovered that Haruperi had changed the Title deeds into his name and told Kalusha Bwalya that as far as he was concerned, he bought the house.

Kalusha Bwalya then went to court and arguing that he only surrendered the Title deeds as surety that he will pay back the money.

But Haruperi argued that he bought the house and produced Title deeds and contract of sale duly signed by Kalusha Bwalya.

Judge Mutuna said that Kalusha Bwalya’s arguments had no merit as he signed the contract of sale and was paid for the sale of the house.

When he was been examined in court, Kalusha admitted that he was an international football player who had signed contract before so new what contract are.

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