Kalulushi dog sex man arrested?

A European man, believed to have been forcing girls to have sex with his dog, has been arrested.
The man has been on police wanted list since October last year but cannot be identified for now because there have been threats on his life since the story broke out.
Last year, irate Kalulushi residents ran riot and demanded the man’s arrest after a 16-year-old girl narrated her ordeal during a public meeting at the Kalulushi Mine Club.
The man evaded the wrath of the residents and relocated to an unknown destination before his capture.
In an interview in Kalulushi on Monday, Copperbelt commissioner of police Mary Tembo confirmed the arrest.
“We arrested the man in Ndola and he will be appearing in court in the first week of February,” Ms Tembo said.
She said police in Ndola have taken over the investigations from their Kalulushi counterparts.
In October residents stormed the man’s residence, shattered windows, looted household goods and partially set the house ablaze.
The residents also thronged Kalulushi police station and accused the officers of corruption and allegedly intimidating key witnesses.
The residents engaged police in skirmishes and demanded the arrest of the suspect, who had fled his home.
Police fired tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd, but the residents later regrouped and blocked roads with logs and stones.
The girl narrated how the man allegedly drugged her and forced her to have sex with his dog for over 45 minutes.
“I was at home cleaning plates when my friend asked me to escort her to see her boyfriend of European origin. When we arrived at his place, my friend introduced me to him and I was offered a drink, which I took. A few minutes later, I started dozing and when I woke up, I found a dog having sex with me,” the girl said as tears rolled down her cheeks.
She accused police of allegedly tampering with evidence and that her life was in danger because some police officers allegedly issued death threats against her and her mother.

Daily Mail

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