Kalumba hijacks Kalaba’s party, bans him from issuing statements

Kalumba hijacks Kalaba’s party, bans him from issuing statements

As disclosed earlier, Gift Kalumba who was trusted by former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba, to register the Democratic political party, has hijacked the party.

He has since advised that the videos and statements issued or refered by Harry Kalaba should.be ignored.

Below is the full statement:
The Democratic Party Secretariat has observed a number of videos and statements circulating on Social media showing Hon Harry Kalaba in different circumstances as Democratic Party Presidential candidate for 2021.

The Democratic Party appreciates the enthusiasm and zeal being demonstrated by people all across the country regarding the decision that has been taken by the DP National Committee to write to Hon Kalaba inviting him to the party. However, the party wishes to announce that this aspect is still under discussion and hence all members are advised to execise maximizing patience untill this matter is fully determined.

In this regard, the party Secretariat wishes to advice all party members and sympathizes to avoid publication of any form of materials or statements relating to Hon Harry Kalaba and the DP Presidency.

The party further wishes to advise that all those wishing to compose songs, drama or videos relating to Hon Kalaba and DP to submit these materials to the Party Secretariat through the party spokesperson for authentication before any release is done.

Take note that with immediate effect all forms of communications to the nation will be done through the Party Spokesperson till further notice.

Issued by:

Judith Kabemba
Party Spokesperson

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