Kalumbila FQM Mine forcing local people into concentration camps

There is a major human development crisis taking place in Solwezi Chief Musele’s Chiefdom due to the advent of the Kalumbila FQM Mine.

A lot of villages have been razed to the ground under questionable circumstances leaving local Zambian citizens to live in alien conditions and in squalor outside their traditional way of live in resettlement areas. These resettlements are places were citizens living in areas that have been fenced off by the Kalumbila mine have been repatriated to.

The conditions in the new settlement areas are disruptive to the way of life of these communities.

These communities are broken. Zambian citizens are living as refugees in their own country and not benefitting from the profits from the mine which has rendered them destitute on the premise that it will educate their children and employ their youth; all promises which have not been kept. Instead the mine is a source of poverty, apartheid and hatred.

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