Kalusha distances himself, FAZ from Cape Verde trip fiasco

Kalusha distances himself, FAZ from Cape Verde trip fiasco

Fat Albert Kambwili

Fat Albert Kambwili

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Kalusha Bwalya has distanced himself and the association from the fiasco surrounding the chaotic travel arrangements for the Chipolopolo boys to Cape Verde.

In a tweet message, Kalusha posted “Every Zambian out there should know that @kalushapbwalya and Faz aren’t responsible for this charter to Cape verde”.

What is true though is that Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili recently told the nation that the PF government would charter a plane for the boys to Cape Verde Island because of travel logistics by commercial flights.

It has now emerged that FAZ only made travel arrangements and financial logistics for the officials that arrived in Cape Verde ahead of the national team on time and left everything to Kambwili and his government as promised.

But Kambwili is not new to committing government institutions to projects even when there is no money.

Not long ago, Kambwili was acting Labour Minister and gave struggling Times of Zambia management a 14 days ultimatum to pay striking employees ‘or else heads would roll’.

He did the same with council employees around the country who have to date gone 7 to 8 months without pay in many instances.

But Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda had to reverse the ultimatums because those were ultimatimately government institutions that had no money to meet Kambwili’s deadlines.

In a normal country, Kambwili would have been fired by now.

But he is surviving because of what Fred Mmembe now describes as ‘taking advantage of challenges, weaknesses and lapses’ that have arisen in Michael Sata’s presidency, or indeed because he is one the ‘corrupt and tribalistic clique’ that has usurped power from Michael.

What is even sad for our country is that it will be business as usual after such an embarrassing episode as no thorough investigations will be done.

And the course of events are so predictable, for example, our Members of Parliament will ask one or two questions, compromised Speaker Patrick Matibini may order them to sit down, or at best, may order for a ministerial statement to be issued by Kambwili himself, followed by a few more questions and later chapter closed.

Anyway, whatever the mess, we all rally behind our team and hope for a miracle result in favour of chipolopolo

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