Kalusha organised thugs that attacked Kamanga

PF thugs who attacked FAZ president Andrew Kamanga were organised by Tutwa Ngulube, Happy Munkondya, Kalusha Bwalya and Sunday chanda, according to police sources.

Kamanga was attacked at a church premises while he was trying to greet PF leader Edgar Lungu at St. Andrews Congregation in Lusaka on Sunday.

Kamanga is accused of attending a UPND meeting, a serious criminal offence in today’s Zambia.

Happy Munkondya and Kalusha Bwalya stole huge sums of money wile at FAZ and are worried that they will be caged in due course.

“I had just gone to greet the Republican President Edgar Lungu at the event. But when leaving the function after the event, cadres pounced on me. They accused me of trying to undermine the President. They beat me up, broke my glasses and I had to run back into the church building for safety,” Kamanga said.

When asked if police had been present when he was being beaten Kamanga responded, “Yes, but they just watched. I think the thugs were hired.


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