Kalulushi council officials in money scandal

Workers at Kalulushi municipal council have unearthed a scandal where a deputy director of finance Senge Ndhlovu is alleged to have received long term bonuses twice at Chingola and Kalulushi Municipal councils respectively.
Mr Ndhlovu is alleged to have received his long term bonus at Chingola municipal council where he served as deputy director of finance before he was transferred to Kalulushi municipal council where he also got K70million as his long term bonus despite having received the long term bonus at Chingola council.
The workers, who had all the documents of payments, said the long term bonus which Mr Ndhlovu is alleged to have received was sanctioned, authorized and received by him as long term service bonus in December 2012.
When contacted for a comment, Mr Ndhlovu refused to comment on the matter, but referred the matter to Kalulushi Town clerk Eddie Mumba who is alleged to be working together with him in the plunder of council funds.
Mr Mumba said the matter was under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and so he could not on the matter which was under investigation.
“I can’t comment on that matter because it is under investigations by DEC. if you want to talk to me on various issues regarding the council come to my office on Monday. I actually don’t talk to people i don’t know and i have not seen,” said Mr Mumba.
But, the workers said whilst they had confirmed that the issue was under investigations by DEC, they were concerned that the officer being investigated was still working, instead of being on suspension to pave way for investigation.
“We told the officers at DEC that the person they were investigating was still working and so we were not happy with this situation. Yes, we are not happy because he could manipulate things. So right now, all the files where he got the second long term bonus have gone missing,” said the workers.
The workers said Mr Ndhlovu got his long term bonus at Chingola municipal council where he worked as deputy director of finance until last year when he was transferred  to Kalulushi Municipal councils on the same position where he got K70million as long term bonus.
“There is really plunder of resources at these councils by some officers. Any officer can only receive long tern bonus once and not twice like this Ndhlovu has done. By the time he was being transferred to Kalulushi, he had already received the long term bonus and he was only remaining with K2million to be paid to him.
“The Chingola council has been calling him to go and get the remaining K2million, but he can’t go there because he is in millions and so the remaining K2million are peanuts to him,” said the angry workers.

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