Kamanga, Simataa group defeated, again

This material is from Zambia Footbal
A wrap,  The Andrew Kamanga faction were stunned when FAZ General Secretary George Kasengele revealed that Mazabuka United Chairman, the mover of the motion of the Vote of No confidence had written to FAZ withdrawing the motion to have it tabled.

The Kamanga faction walked out the meeting after their hand written letter to have the vote of no confidence reinstated was ignored by FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya.

1725: Kalusha Bwalya final words with the media.

“We have to temper down and the AGM should be used for policy making. But we have this cancer which need to sort out. I don’t think we have any wrangles and for every problem there’s a no solution. I am happy with the outcome and there’s no betrayal.”

1721: Kalu signing autographs as NSCZ and FIFA Officials refuse to give interviews but expect one from Kalu

1717: The meeting has finished and its time for interviews.

1715:  Kamanga,”Why is Kalusha scared to go for a vote. We will sit down with our members and review what has happened,” the  Kabwe Warriors Chairman said as he walked out.

1713: Kamanga faction and their members have walked out after Kalusha refused to accept the hand written letter to have the Vote of No Confidence reinstated.

1710:  A motion has been passed to have Dennis Liwewe and Kitwe lawyer Nyirenda to have them removed from the Appeals committee

1707: A bit of confusion: A quickly drafted letter by the Kamanga faction was about to be delivered but Kalu has just said ‘we will come back to that.’

1705: Finally the motion to have Simataa and Kazabu be banned has been removed/withdrawn but should they cause trouble in the media again then they will be banned

1700: Some councillors have refused but Kalu is insisting that ‘lets give them one month.’

1659: Kalusha is now on the floor,”In the spirit of reconciliatory, let the people be warned because we have the disciplinary committee.”

1656: National Team manager Kamwambi, has just gone back to the history lane and reminded councillors that Simataa was in the fore front to ban Sunday Nkonde when he was FAZ Chairman.

1653: A secondment has been passed on the banning of Simataa and Kazabu.

1650: Former FAZ ExCo Henschel Chitembeye has been jeered after he said this AGM should not be used to personal settle scores because FIFA preaches Fair Play.

1649: A motion has been moved to have Simataa and Kazabu be banned for their utterances in the media

1647: Meanwhile the AGM has continued and speaker on the floor is taking on Luxon Kazabu and Simataa Simataa.

1644: Mazabuka United Chairman has said he wrote the letter under duress and believed to have received ZMK8 Million. And Pemba United, who seconded the motion have said they will report Mazabuka United to Police.

1641: Kasengele is now on the floor.

1637: Councillors who walked out are back and the Andrew Kamanga faction are writing and drafting the letter. If fact Simataa Simataa is holding a letter and wants to give it the FAZ General Secretary.

They want the Vote of No confidence to be reinstated

1633: Interesting turn and twists in Kabwe….

1625: Typical state of the game in Zambia. Mazabuka Chairman goes to the floor and says that he was intimidated by the Kalusha faction yesterday and thus he wrote a letter to withdraw the VONC and now he says he wants to withdraw his letter verbally so that the vote of no confidence can be tabled but FAZ GS George Kasengele, says ‘no Bwana, it has to be written according to procedure and not verbally.”

1621: Alex Mambwe, Pivoty Simwanza, Violet Bwalya and Henschel Chitembeya, they are stunned and shocked but thats the name of the game. People are still chanting Kalu! Kalu! Kalu!

1619: Mazabuka United Chairman has betrayed his colleagues but another master class from Kalusha and co. They did their homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1615: Andrew Kamanga went to the high table where Kalusha and the FIFA officials are seated ‘to complain and dialogue’ but has been whisked away back to his seat by Zambia Police Officers and ‘Jerabo Unit’ but they didn’t touch.

Some councillors are shouting Kalu! Kalu!

1613: The vote of no confidence shall not be tabled because it was withdrawn by Mazabuka United earlier today after they wrote to FAZ.

1609: FAZ GS has just confirmed to the councillors that Mazabuka United wrote a letter to FAZ to withdraw the motion to table the vote of no confidence and the noise is back.

1608: Drama!!!!!! Drama!!!!!!!!!!!

1553: A recoup on what has taken place so far in Kabwe at the FAZ AGM.

-Andrew Kamanga faction arrived at 10:30 while Kalusha Bwalya arrived at 12:05.

-Kalusha delivered his long speech and highlighted a number of success

-FIFA Official Primo Carvaho had a brief speech and said this the last time and chance FIFA and CAF are giving Zambia to resolve their issues.

-FAZ General Secretary George Kasengele announced that the normal procedure will be followed and that infuriated some councillors who wanted the vote of no confidence to be tabled.

-as a result, the confusion started and Zambia Police officers as well as the ‘Jerabo Unit’ which has been hired by FAZ came in to restore order. After about 30 minutes or so, sanity was restored and things are back on track

-So far, the General Secretary’s report on last year’s AGM has been deliberated. FAZ Vice President Boniface Mwamelo was also on the floor and right now its Mutafu who is taking questions on the financial report.

1551: It’s Kelvin Mutafu, FAZ Treasurer now taking on questions from the councillors after presenting the association financial report. Apologise Bonnie Mwamelo was presenting a report on something else.

1543: Quote of the day, by FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya in his speech earlier in the day at the FAZ AGM

?”Success is not measured by what u win but how courageous one is when faced with criticism in achieving success!”

1530: The Vote of No Confidence hasn’t been tabled yet but it it part of the items on the agenda as said by Kalusha Bwalya when he was calming down the Councillor when they wanted it to be tabled as the first on the agenda.

1524: By the way, Nkwazi v Forest Rangers is on at Edwin Imboela Stadium in Lusaka. It will be shown as a delayed match on Supersport 209 starting at 17:00.

For the rest of the fixtures, they will be played on Sunday.

Green Buffaloes v Red Arrows, 15:00

Green Eagles v Zanaco, 15:00

Lime Hotspurs v Power Dynamos, 15:00

Nkana v Kabwe Warriors, 15:00

Roan United v Nakambala Leopards, 15:00

Kalewa v Zesco United, 15:00

Konkola Blades v Nchanga Rangers, 15:00

1517: FAZ Vice President Boniface Mwamelo is addressing the Councillors on the finance issues. Remember he was the association’s Treasure before the 4 ExCO members resigned.


Faction leader and Kabwe Warriors Chairman Andrew Kamanga arriving at around 10:30, surrounded by bodyguards

FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya delivering his speech at the FAZ AGM earlier on Saturday

1453: Councillors are now calm and hopefully there won’t be a repeat of that scenario.

1451: Finally we have sanity now, the General Secretary’s report is being debated now.

1446: Eish!!!!!!! The confusion is back!!!!!!!! You wonder what is happening

1443: The proceedings are back on track and they are deliberating on last years AGM minutes.

1437: Simataa Simataa went to the floor and talked to Kalusha but Great Kalu said no thanks and thats how he returned to his seat with jeers.

By the way, there’s  hired security personnel by FAZ  from the copperbelt being called ‘Jerabo Unit.,’ which are acting like back up to Zambia Police.

1433: Calm has returned but the media has been flashed out as Erick Mwanza directs

1430: Gift Chaipa, a former Under-20 and one of Kalusha’s former right hand man  has been thrown out of the meeting. Chaipa was one of the chief petitioner with Alex Mambwe

1428: Shocking! Disgusting! Embarrassing!….scenes from the FAZ AGM at Mulungushi University in Kabwe.

1426: Its just total confusion as tempers flare at the AGM. The media are about to be thrown out.

Part of the FAZ Councillors at the AGM at Mulungushi University in Kabwe on Saturday 

1424: Confusion is back as people want Kalusha to relinquish the chairmanship.

1422: Back on track but there are still murmurs from the FAZ affiliates as they just want the Vote of No Confidence to be tabled right away.

1420: Sanity has returned after Kalusha has clarified that the item of the Vote of No Confidence will be tabled

1417: Kasengele is now saying,”Can we be seated ladies and Gentlemen. Can we please be seated. Lets us continue with our meeting. Those who don’t wish to participate are free to leave,” But Kalusha is heard in the background as saying ‘Don’t say that.”

“We shall proceed with meeting….Mr President is your show,” Kasengele asks Kalu

1414: Kalusha is confering in FIFA Official Primo. Primo asked if the vote of no confidence can be tabled but Kalu is heard responding that ‘we can’t amend the constitution because a few want us to. Those people who didn’t come for the meeting can go” Kalu is heard on the microphone.

1412: ‘Can we have security please? Remove all loud people here, ” George Kasengele is heard saying.

“Can we be sitted please.”he continues

1411: Kalusha is calling for security now as Livingstone based Mr Kasoka is leading the petitioners. Its total confusion…. Zambia Police officers are now in.

1408: A councillor stood up and suggested that let the vote of no confidence be tabled by Kalusha as the chairman squashed that but now the rest of the councillors are refusing and arguing with Kalusha.

“Am the only one who is supposed to talk,”Kalusha says but the FAZ affiliates say ‘No…No.

1400: FIFA Official Primo Corvaho has just finished. It was a brief speech.

He said that this the last time and Zambia’s chance to resolve the issue as both FIFA and CAF are watching closely. He gave a brief background on how the issue started with the four FAZ ExCo resigning.

1552: Kalusha has concluded and its now time for FIFA official Primo to give his speech.

1350: “The battles should be confined on the pitch. Football is played on the pitch for 90 minutes and not in the media. We shall not allow people to stand in our way,” Kalu in his closing remarks.

1347: In conclusion,” the future of our football is in your hands.” ‘ We want to be remembered as a generation that stood firm and never feared to take challenges. The road ahead is for all us to walk and follow. For all us to embrace.”

1345: Kalusha is still talking and has just mentioned the association is hopeful that the Ndola Stadium will be completed by August 2011 and host the Zambia versus Libya qualifier.

1341: MTN Super League:

There’s an MTN Super League match this afternoon between Nkwazi and Forest Rangers at Edwin Imboela Stadium. The match will be live on Supersport. The rest of the matches will be played tomorrow.

1333: Kalu takes a swipe on Kamanga faction

“Let’s pose ladies and Gentlemen that what is there to fear to contest an election. What is there to fear? Kalusha asked

“They are free to start campaigning for 2012. Elections are just 12 months away maybe at this place….we shall meet. Maybe in Chipata, Solwezi, Livingtone. Football is played everywhere and we can meet anywhere,”

“We don’t have to go back in history and say what we have done for Zambian football. We have all contributed in the past.

1319: Kalu has described Dario Bonetti as a ‘capable coach’ in his praise of the Italian born coach.

“The era of struggling/ sharing of a jersey is long gone with coming of Nike International. Zambia is at par with Brazil, Holland in a world class designed Nike jersey. Nike has seen the potential in Zambian football.”

1315: “People with no love for the game want to use a short cut. What offence is that FAZ has done? Is it an offence to go to South Africa, Middle East, Europe to bring cultivate for sponsors? Is it an offence to dress the Chipolopolo in national colours?

Those are questions Kalusha has just asked.

1313: Kalusha has called for unity,” lets us protect the midfield as we attack’, but took a swipe at the Kamanga faction.

1310: FAZ’s success under Kalusha according to his speech.

1. The modernisation of the FAZ I.T department which was done by FIFA.

2. Training of over 700 coaches, a program which is funded by FIFA

3. First ever televised Zambian League on Supersport as well as the MTN deal

4. FAZ now can boast of a surplus in its coffers.

1308: Simataa Simataa is behind and standing as he is listening to Kalusha’s speeach.

1302: FAZ concillors applaude Kalusha and now he is highlighing his association’s success.

1300: Kalusha has just highlighted that gone are the days when the bailiffs would visit Football House to seize property.

“We enriched a cash strapped FAZ but gone are those days.”

1255: “It is a shame that I stand here and talk about obstacles. Imagine the success we could have achieved without these obstacles,” Kalu has just said.

1253: FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya is now giving his speech.

1250: This is the third the FIFA Official Primo has been to Zambia. He was here last year and attended the FIFA sanctioned FAZ AGM in the same town but at Zambezi Lodge and was also on the Copperbelt last month.

1242: FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya arrived at about 12:05 together with FIFA Official Primo Carval as well as Molife Oliphant who is CAF Vice President. There’s also another CAF Official. He was present when the two factions met in Zurich with Sep Blatter and Jerome Valcke last year. His name is Tendai.



1222:Andrew Kamanga and Simataa Simataa were the first ones to arrive at 10:30 hours with body guards including heavy weight boxer ‘Galagata’ Ching’andu.

1220: There was confusion with regards to the way the roll call was being conducted by FAZ General Secretary George Kasengele but that has been resolved and its back on track.

1200: Welcome to this live update from Kabwe’s Mulungushi University, formerly Mulungushi Rock Authority where the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Annual General Meeting is taking place.

While many issues are expected to be discussed just like at any other AGM, the Vote of No Confidence motion could take the centre stage.

The above  material is from Zambia Footbalnet

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