Kambwili accused of increasing his presidential campaigns

Youths and Sports Minister Chishimba Kamwili has upped his presidential campaigns around the country in the name of distributing government cheques to youth organisations, some senior PF officials have revealed to the Zambian Watchdog.

According to highly placed senior PF sources, Mr. Kambwili is determined to challenge anyone in the PF including ailing dictator Michael Sata’s son ‘Prince’ Mulenga Sata or even Mr. Sata himself.

Sources within the PF say ordinarily Kambwili has no business in him being the one distributing cheques around the country because there are too many people within the government structures that should be doing this job including the local provincial administration.

“The man knows the boss is sick. In fact, for Kambwili, even the medical trip by our president is a huge opportunity to up his campaigns. Remember recently even the president asked his whereabouts at the Cabinet meeting shortly after swearing-in Ngosa Simbyakula,” sources have revealed.

Sources said a huge opportunity has presented itself to Mr. Kambwili especially after the fall of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) who was one of the main threats.

Recently, Luanshya MP Steven Chungu sharply differed with Mr. Kambwili and accused him of mounting an illegal presidential campaigns to replace the ailing Sata.

“Of course we don’t mind ministers going round to inspect government projects. But Mr. Kambwili is going round as a minister distributing government cheques himself which is a serious anomaly because there are technocrats who are supposed to carry cheques not a minister. He is not even a controlling officer and the only reason he is doing this is because of the campaigns he is conducting within the PF party structures at night. And it looks like the boss Mr. Sata is not even aware of this huge scheme Kambwili is involved in,” sources have disclosed to the Watchdog.

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