Kambwili accuses Lungu of trying to bribe the people of Luanshya

‘Jonathan’ Lungu

Former Information Minister and Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has charged that the disbursement of empowerment funds to marketeers in Luanshya by the PF government is a sign of panic as they anticipate a by-election in Roan.

And Kambwili has further charged that Edgar Lungu misled the people of Kabwe that he had created employment by pretending to open Mulungushi Textiles only to close it after elections.
Kambwili stated that he had on several occasions requested for the empowerment funds before the elections but Lungu never availed any funds to Luanshya at the time.

‘They are scared of their own shadows, how long did we talk about market empowerment fund for Luanshya? I had seen the president and we had talked during the campaigns, he never brought any money for empowerment in Luanshya but today they want to bring the empowerment in Luanshya because they think there will be a by election,’ Kambwili wondered.

He stressed that the way the PF was panicking is a sign of a failed leadership attempting to hoodwink people and warned that the people of Luanshya are above such machinations and urged the marketeers to get the empowerment funds and when time to pay comes he will pay on their behalf.

Kambwili wondered why Lungu intervened in the price of maize last year and put the price for a bag of maize at K85 and yet now that there are no elections he drops the price of maize to K60.
And Kambwili has further charged that Edgar Lungu misled the people of Kabwe that he had created employment by pretending to open Mulungushi textiles only to close it after elections.

‘ He went and opened Mulungushi textiles misleading people of Kabwe that he has created employment, immediately after elections Mulungushi Textiles was closed so the people of Luanshya have a record of all this’ Kambwili said.


  • Let the President help people , weather is a bribe or not . this program is every were is not only in luanshya , people of luanshya we help let us get the money with both hands we think the President for remembering the people of luanshya, please let us separate politics and development we are not going to eat politics I ask all the marketers in luanshya to put the the money in good use ishuko talimonaika .

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    kiki 7 months

    Fools laugh at each other! So, of the two ; who is more foolish? Yes God will punish the evil and wrong doers. Let’s not pretend to be holy when we know of the evils we do. Amen.

  • For the sake of slow learners who keep wondering as to why ck is opening up now after expulsion and not when he was minister, let us help you abit. Only someone who is foolish can come out in the open to complain against his boss. The man enze kufela chabe mukati because he was under oath of allegiance, and he needed to secure not only his position, but also the peace and unity of the party that he founded. Sense of belonging can make anyone behave sheepish but not anymore after expulsion by invaders. Bena RB should have concentrated on eating quietly without displacing the owners of the boat they are now enjoying.

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      Nyawa 7 months


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      kongwa 7 months

      For your sake too. Please do realise that when one behaves as you have described, they are not bound by the aoth they took . not at all, because even the President took aoth to uphold the constitution and rule of law. Once he acts otherwise, whoever supports him is equally guilty. So, CK should have resigned on morality and opened up.
      you call us slow learners but I think you are a simply unteachable. You should have learnt from what Baldwin Nkumbula, Akashambatwa Mbikusita and Levy Patrick Mwanawasa did when they disagreed with the Thief. They chose to follow their conscious.
      CK has no conscious at all. He is just a thief who has been rejected by fellow thivies. When we come into power, he too shall be held fully accountable.

  • Chishimba you are not making sense. I hope you will not contaminate UPND also.

  • These politicians amaze me, really. When they are in power they behave as thou they own the universe. When they are out they behave as if they have swallowed a scorpion. And they never learn from what happens to others. At one time I gave an example of the fallen leaders who thought they owned Gods people, the likes of Idi Amin, Bocassa, Gaddafi, Hussen, the list is endless. Still their hearts are, oh …I don’t know for sure…

  • Donchi kubeba, get the bribes and then vote for the man or woman of your choice. Secret ballot remember.

  • okey as a zambian i never ruled by such people!

  • ck its global even in kenya niso cabe.Dont worry God will reward

  • UPND should be very very careful associating themselves kambwili i hope balemona

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      Nyawa 7 months

      UPND will use Kambwili, just like EL did then dump him.

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        kongwa 7 months

        We do not even need him. After all we won the last election without his assistance and PF lost with his help. They only managed to steal our vote with his assistance.
        We can only entertain him if brings out more of what they did in stealing our victory and volunteers to be our witness.

  • Mapongo Lilengo i second you.let mr Kabwili disclose y post was closed.May we hear from him.

  • Wasn’t it kambwili who lied to the miner’s about them not been fired?

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    ECL start developing the independent member of parliament of Mufurila, he is a politician believe me.