Kambwili admits PF has squandered our resources

When Ba Kambwili speaks, we must all listen. When he speaks, GRZ has spoken! During 19hrs TV news, he was at it again. Using bemba, and as if speaking a lot of sense, he acknowledged that his government’s treasury is dry. Consequently, GRZ has discontinued many projects due to lack of funds. That clip was brief but it answered many questions.

He answered why civil servants get paid late. He explained why the government is crookedly stealing salaries. And its a warning for the future-it shouldn’t surprise any one if civil servants go for more than a month without pay. He also confirmed why newly recruited teachers aren’t getting paid. GRZ is broke

He also addressed the thousands of students from UNZA and CBU. Indirectly he told them that they can only re open if they are ready to learn without getting allowances. Indefinite closure means money isn’t in the offing.

That also implies that drug shortages are looming in our hospitals. Kambwili’s statement has shown as where ministry of health is headed to. Imagine rationing ARVs, coaterm, and insulin.

On one hand Kambwili complained about a dry treasury. On the other, ZNBC showed us why the treasury is dry. I saw Bishop Chomba in southern province dishing out and counting a big bunch of K100 notes with ease. In my opinion, the bishop in that clip did more acting than anything else. And we know that actors have sponsors. In this case the sponsor is the state using money from the treasury.
Money which was slashed from salaries. Money which can go a long way to repair gravel roads and buy books in schools. Money which could have prevented closure of CBU.

The treasury is dry because the state is sponsoring so many people like the Bishop.

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