Kambwili also goes to Cuba

Kambwili also goes to Cuba

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA. 5 December 2012. Zone Vl under 20 Youth Games. Opening Ceremony. Picture by WESSEL OOSTHUIZEN / SASPASports Minister Chishimba Kambwili arrived in  Cuba Monday afternoon.

Just a few weeks ago, PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba was in Cuba for what sources say was to open offshore accounts for PF leaders.

Kambwili’s visit is said to be  part of an effort to renew the sports cooperation agreement signed between Cuba and Zambia in 2007

Following that agreement, two Cuban coaches have served in Zambia — one in boxing and the other in track and field, according to thhe Cuban government.

There are currently seven Zambians studying at the International School of Physical Education and Sport in San Jose de las Lajas in Cuba’s Mayaeque province.

Kambwili is accompnaied by a delegation yet to be named MPs and officials from the Youth and Sports Ministry.

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