Kambwili and his big mouth

By Arnold Shatunka

Hon. Chishimba Kambwili is a politician with a lot of fire-like energy and will to do things. He has been a force to reckon with when it comes to propagating political ideologies in this country. Following him from opposition PF during the tenure of the defunct MMD, you see a man who with Willie Nsanda championed the cause of PF more than Sata did because he was the vocal one. A leopard he has been I his character, posturing to maim any opposition to his position.

Zambia has seen and heard Hon. Kambwili on many issues. He combines physique and voice but alas, the voice has a lot missing from it. The question is, does he consult anyone before he speaks on anything? Hon. Kambwili’s mouth is his worst nemesis. He has always angered those around him and I should think his supporters do suffer too because of his predisposition to defy the normal and norms of his affiliations.

A quick recap on Hon. Kambwili’s journey from 2011 when PF won elections and power to govern Zambia will present him as a Minister of Labour who antagonized the Chinese so much that Zambians began to visualize a Chinese exodus back to China. It was not to pass as H.E. M.C. Sata decided to banquet  with the Chinese and called them “his Chinese” and indicated that he didn’t want them harassed. My opinion is that his anti-Chinese crusade cost him his Labour portfolio. But this was not the beginning of Hon. Kambwili’s mouth troubles. Zambia will remember, a minister that came on ZNBC TV to inform the nation that he had been to the UK and had fruitful negotiations for Zambia to export mangoes to the UK where a mango was costing more than 2 British Pounds.

There has also been an incident where Hon. Kambwili as Minister of Youth and Sport got into an unnecessary feud  with UNZA students over the Commonwealth Youth Centre, the long calls and threats to UNZA Radio. When he ventured into ambitions of PF Presidency, Zambia will remember the most vocal PF aspiring candidate who quickly coiled and swallowed his words and pride to escape a bashing or falling out of favour with H.E. Edgar Lungu.

Now Ho. Kambwili is Information Minister and Chief Government Spokesman. Just last week, he was at the centre of a very sour statement on HH not shaking hands with President Edgar Lungu in church. Before that dust which he raised settled, he raises another dust storm about Dora Siliya not being welcome into the PF. He swears that he would rather be sold to the devil than allow Dora Siliya into PF. His stance is very much at variance with the PF Secretary General and most probably his President in the party. What next then, Hon. Kambwili? In civilized societies, this calls for a resignation from both party and government.

Did he make the statements as Minister, Party Official or as an individual? This is the question that begs an answer right now. His tongue is his worst nemesis!

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