Kambwili and Mwanza laying off ZNBC workers

Dear Editor,

ZNBC is again going to in the news for the wrong reasons.
This time ZNBC has decided to lay off 10 workers from the camera section without any package after failing to renew their contracts despite working for 6 years and because the company under the leadership of Director General Richard Mwanza does not want to employ people on permanent basis.

This is despite the institution failing to replace people who have retired but has found it fit to increase allowances and buying expensive cars for its Directors while workers use old unroadworthy vehicles for operations.

“The Camera section had before the laying off a staff shortage of 20 employees and now we wonder how this deficit would be sorted out.Ba Mwanza is a serious let down and is slowly plunging the corporation into problems.Reporters are now asked to multi-task as field camerapersons.”the source added

Among those laid off include Shilika Kalenga,Juwadu Sumaili,Tamara Nyirenda,Stanley Kalima,Shupiwe Nyirenda,Emmanuel Kaluba,David Ng’ambi,Banji Kobe and Gibson Ngalasa while boys such as Aaron Maduma (the son to Kenneth Maduma) with very little experience has been spared.

The Minister of information Chishimba Kambwili who is a well known proponent of good labour laws has failed to push for improved conditions of service for the national broadcaster where people have continued to get below the PF minimum wage.

“Can you imagine that sign language interpreters for the main news are receiving as low as K450/month inclusive transport despite some having worked for more than 8 years and yet his Directors get as much as K2,000 per week or K8,000 per month as weekend allowance for literary doing nothing”.

The corporation has one of the highest staff casualisation rate in the country especially in the Newsroom,Camera,Marketing and Commercial sections.”Some of our colleagues have been casuals for more than 5 years and now are being laid off without anything to take home.This is sad and our Union president Yumbe is watching and saying nothing”.

Yumbe is the head of the camera section but has failed to speak on behalf of his juniors in the department and the source questioned his credibility as ZUBID president.


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