Kambwili and others were supposed to be arrested for unlawful assembly

Information has emerged that former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili and several other senior Patriotic Front Members were supposed to be arrested for unlawful assembly by a group of OP and  regular police that that surrounded Kambwili’s house early Sunday.

This is after State House received intelligence information that Kambwili together with Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube, PF lawyer who is also Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube and former Chimwemwe Member of Parliament Mwenya Musenge were scheduled to have a meeting at Kambwili’s residence.

A source from within State House told the Zambian Watchdog that instructions to arrest Kambwili came straight from State House to Police Commissioner for Copperbelt Charity Katanga.

” There was information that reached State House on Friday evening that the above mentioned people together with five other people I can’t remember the names but I think Rebby Chanda as well were supposed to have a consultative meeting ahead of the PF Central Committee meeting that will take place at State House on July 22.

‘Instructions were then given to have those people arrested for unlawfull assembly,’the source said.

The source said Edgar Lungu is well geared to ” crush” anyone who can pose  a threat to his desire for a third term bid.

” EL (Edgar Lungu) is well geared for 2021 that is why in Livingstone he said he has reserved talking for 2021. He is determined and very soon you will see serious divisions in the PF. Do you know why the Peace Concert organised by KBF and Lombe Chibesakunda at Woodlands Stadium to raise money for Marketeers at City Market was a flop?” the source asked.


The source said Edgar Lungu gave serious warnings to the Ministry of Tourism and the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit who were part of the organisers not to take part.

” It is because KBF was one of the organisers. Lungu believes KBF and the rest mentioned are supporting Chishimba Kambwili. So when information about the meeting reached State House Lungu instructed that they get arrested. The source said it is not clear whether the information was fake or the Kambwili group was tipped for them not to convene.

” I don’t know whether it was fake Intelligence report or the other guys were tipped They believed they were going to spend a night at Kambwili’s Villa so they wanted to pounce in the morning. They are very lucky. You are yet to see Lungu brutal. He has stolen alot and he wants to protect his wealth. Are you aware that he has acquired alot of properties? he is worth more than K40 million now,” the source said.



  • Ck dont complain.remember wat u said pa radio mano mu 2016.ecl send more op and zp.pf chabeeee

  • The man is feeling th heat now.2bad for that ba ck.

  • You are just suffering from Edigology wathchdog.

  • I like Facebook Posts, “they bring out the Best out of the wise, and the least out of the worst.”

  • Ubwafya kabili ba CK nabo was very unrealistic and always defended even things he didn’t believe in.He threatened anyone who tended to differ with the PF.He failed to realise that he was being used as a rollercoaster for some people to rise to the top.Now its time for him to dance pelete to DUNUNA ciunda.

  • So this man wants to top the rich list of Zambia’s Millionares?Very sad for Zambia.

  • time is running faster & pf is busy fighting enermies,

  • mukomfwa ati ck na joina upnd

  • So now you can’t have friends over for a drink at your house? Funeral gatherings will soon be unlawful.

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    Muntu 7 months


    Edgar Lungu is feeling insecure. He is even afraid of his own shadow. When he says he wants HH to recognise him he is saying “HH should withdraw the petition case from the courts of law or else I will kill you”.

    Edgar Lungu is standing on sinking sand. He knows that he did not win the August 2016 and letting petition case continue it could reveal the truth that he did not win. He is fighting for his survival. If you recall, if you remove the 8,000 Lundazi fictitious votes only 6,000 votes prevented a rerun. And these can substantiated in the petition.

    This explains why he offered an olive branch of reconciliation with conditions when he met the Catholic Bishops. He was more less telling them to tell HH to withdraw the petition case. Edgar Lungu does not mean well. What he was doing was just a public relations gimmick to Zambians and international community. He is trying to fool the Catholic Bishops as usual. Immediately after meeting the Bishops he goes to Southern to speak a message of hate to his cadres against people, UPND and Chief Mukuni.

    Edgar Lungu has tyrannical traits. Such people have a weak conscience. They are ready to kill and destroy, just as mentioned in John 10:10, without sense of guilty. They don’t value human dignity They are violent as mentioned in Mathew 11:12.

    Perhaps the question is: Will the Bishop convince HH to withdraw the petition case? What will it solve? Edgar Lungu will still remain the same, thinking of himself as small insecure god. Tyrannical traits will still continue. He is taking advantage of a weak legal/justice system. We are in this mess partly because of the courts and DPP. I think we have the weakest courts in the region. He is riding on the fact that people are divided on tribal lines politically. This division was introduced by late President Chiluba and championed by Post Newspaper against UPND. Edgar Lungu, Kambwili, Rupiah Banda Panji Kaunda saw it as a good tool to help PF win elections. He also knows that Zambians have less interest in participating in the governance of their country and are mostly illiterate. A study was done to that effect that Malawians were more engaged in the governance of their country.

    There is no doubt that HH is feeling the pain of being in prison. To date no one knows the treason act HH committed. It is not clear to Zambians and international community. It is only clear to Edgar Lungu and his supporters. Treason is an extreme violent act which involve arms against a nation. The aim is to declare war on a government. None of these are attributed to HH. Worse still he declares state of emergency against HH. He is now weighing the next evil move.

    What is the way forward? Should HH withdraw the petition case so that he can retreat and restrategise for 2021 elections? Does he withdraw the case while in prison? What guarantee is there Edgar Lungu won’t repeat the same behaviour of violence and rigging elections in 2021 if he is left off the hook by Zambians now? Wont he be more dangerous especially with our weak justice system? We need to seek the face of God.

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  • Ala kabili I guess very soon even going to bathroom to shit Will be anlawful excretion

  • What a turn of events…….…the hunter has become the hunted. Hope he will learn from his ordeal.

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    Chelsey 7 months

    Let him feel the weight of his dictator. The guy was among pf vuvuzelas who brought division in Zambia by calling others tribal.May pain and suffering be his destine. He must learn a lesson and know that things can change just the way seasons do.

  • Shiiiiii! Wait time is coming when a stone wont be on top of the other #sothebiblesays

  • treasom my foot

  • You reap what you sow is the general rule. When others complained about such harrassment we were told they were bitter!

  • Power hungry,mulekeni ECL ateke,wait for 2021 to contest, this is also seen mu civil service where people desperately want positions,can’t one contribute from a lower level? Ati awe I must be at the helm.

  • How can they be indicted for unlawful assembly for convening at the private residence? From the foregoing I have cancelled the invitation to my relatives who wanted to pay me a vist from the village. Sorry I can go in for unlawful assembly.

  • He will one day experience the effects of article 31 he voted for!

  • i refuse to support such pohall-cotall information to say distorted news ..this is hypabolic and dont continue dividing the country wth your Lie’s lord have mercy on you all who re busy spread information to support and increase tension in the country”unzambian”

  • i refuse to support such pohall-cotall information

  • Actually ck should be dealt with , l can be more comfortable bcoz he thought zambia is in his hands . this reminds me of the children of lsrael , wen at one point were in a battle field. The enemies instead of starbbing the lsraelites , they started starbbing each other . l can confidently assure u that, if GOD is on your side , it may seem to be taking long but the battle still belongs to HIM . Shalom , Shalom.

  • 1. This message is directed to every Political Party, every member in PF who is regretting, every independent Zambian who endorsed this leadership in 2015 and 2016 but now have realized that they exercised poor judgement.
    2. This message does not apply to cadres educated or not who choose not to reason, and instead choose to focus on insults, intimidations and illogical reasoning to defend anything and everything, deny the truth even though it goes against their conscience, but would rather exchange their dignity and that of the nation for a few pieces of silver, insecure positions and insecure recognition.
    3. You are all responsible for the current situation in the country and you have to correct your endorsements practically by fighting peacefully to restore democracy in Zambia. You can not just say you no longer support this current leadership, issue statements and end there, you have to use all legal and peaceful methods local and international to restore democracy in Zambia. This message also applies to the rational at ECZ ,the judiciary and the police if quality was and has been compromised. May God strengthen every rational Zambian in the peaceful fight to restore democracy in Zambia.

    • eeeeehhhh chishinka….we shouldn’t put the blame on any one but ourselves,lets move with the flow and wait for 2021

  • Good for C.K. He used to behave like Zambia was his grandfather’s farm

  • Ck For President Coming 2021 Period.


  • Watching from the TERRENCES as elephants battle it out in the battleground for dominance.
    Yesterday they ate and laughed together but today the story is different. No Situation is permanent.

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    Mwebe 7 months

    Lungu and his godfather rupiah hates Ben has. Just watch. Even that dry bone amos Chandra is on chishimba’ side


  • kambwili dont u fear artical 31,.the police ar geared to slap anyone with treason if u try to misbehave

  • Great to know that a child is running our country – this is some petty shit…”Lungu gave serious warnings … not to take part” …in a charity event what sort of humble Christian is this? The shame!

  • Ati I Can’t Remember The Names~?

  • The day is coming when all the powers he’s abusing will turn against him, it’s not very far away !!!!

  • Just keep dividing you children

  • That’s Article 31,Kambwili must be careful!!

  • First one to comment. Hahaha watchdog