Kambwili blames civil servants for delay in fertiliser distribution

Chief Government Spokesperson and tribalist Chishimba Kambwili has shifted blame on civil servants for the PF governments’ failure to deliver fertiliser to farmers across the country.
Kambwili was reacting to concerns raised by Muchinga Province Minister Mwimba Malama and Acting Nakonde District Commissioner Moris Kabanda that three hundred and fifty beneficiaries under the food security programme have not received top dressing fertiliser in Nakonde.
Kambwili is roving round the country trying to ‘force’ people to appreciate government projects and development but was embarrassed to find that his government has failed to supply fertiliser to farmers.
He then shifted the blame on innocent civil servants and warned that government will not tolerate civil servants delaying the distribution of fertiliser across the country.
Kambwili alleged that some of the civil servants have become partisan and warned that they risk losing their jobs adding that Zambians should not suffer because of what he called cheap politics.
Kambwili then apologised for the delay in distribution of fertiliser to farmers under the food security programme and assured them that government will ensure that this does not happen again.
Muchinga is the second province Kambwili is visiting after Northern on his so called tour of provinces highlighting various development projects including the amended Republican Constitution.
The PF government is blaming all its failures on other people and external factors and has even accused the opposition for causing student riots at the country’s two universities after failing to pay them allowances.

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