Kambwili bribes teachers with plots

Kambwili bribes teachers with plots

In desperation, illegal minister of information Chishimba Kamwbili has promised all teachers in Luanshya’s Roan constituency plots in exchange for votes.

Kamwbili summoned all teachers in his former constituency and gave them some materials such caps, T-shirts and chitenge materials at the meeting held at Roan Antelope secondary school.

During the meeting, Kamwbili told the teachers to write down their particulars so that he can give them plots in exchange for voting and campaigning for him.

According to teachers who attended the meeting, Kambwili looks to be under extreme pressure.

Kambwili has been accused by his colleagues Steven Chungu and his best friend Nathan Chanda (Kakunkubiti ) of campaigning for an  independent(mayoral candidate ).


Some of the teachers disclosed that Kambwili is scared of losing and face punishment by president Lungu if he wins this year’s election.


The teachers confirmed that kambwili has been working against his boss in Luanshya and de-campaigning Nathan kakunkubiti and Steven Chungu.


‘The man is panicking and desperate to return the sit and now offering plots as bribes,’ said a teacher who attended the meeting

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