Kambwili claims that even ministers not paid November salaries

Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has confirmed that civil servants have not yet been paid their November salaries’

And Kambwili has claimed that even Ministers have not yet been paid their November salaries.

Kambwili rose on a point of order Tuesday afternoon in response to Katombola Member of Parliament Derick Livune who asked if the government was in order to pay themselves salaries when civil servants who work hard have not yet been paid their November salaries over a week after the legal date on which they are paid.

Kambwili raised a counter point of order asking if the Katombola lawmaker was in order to allege that Ministers have paid themselves salaries when they have also not been paid.

‘Is the MP for Katombola in order to mislead the House and nation that government ministers have paid themselves before paying civil servants when we have not received our salaries,’ Kambwili claimed.

Speaker of the House Dr Patrick Matibini ruled that Livune should file in a question while on Kambwili’s point of order; the speaker ruled that Kambwili should wait for a response from government on Livune’s point of order.

Most civil servants including police officers, teachers and soldiers have not yet been paid salaries for the month of November.

Government officials such as Permanent Secretaries and ministers are reported to have received their salaries last Friday.

When the PF government paid civil servants salaries a few months ago after a two weeks delay PF controlled State media reported the ‘achievement’ that civil servants had been paid.




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