Kambwili condemns Lungu’s playful trip to Swaziland

Kambwili condemns Lungu’s playful trip to Swaziland


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CHISHIMBA Kambwili says Zambians has a playful leadership especially at state house
And Kambwili, the Roan PF MP says he will not stop talking about the wrongs of the current PF government despite criticism from Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo, Nkana member of parliament Alexander Chiteme and the ruling party’s media director Sunday Chanda.

State House aides on Saturday joined President Edgar Lungu in donning Swaziland’s traditional attire called lihiya.

Pictures of President Lungu’s delegation to Swaziland in traditional attire called lihiya, which included businessman Vauden Findlay and Inyatsi Construction owner Michelo Shakantu, have been taking turns on social media.

In their emahiya, Sate House aides Amos Chanda, Kaizar Zulu, Daniel Siwo, Hibene Mwiinga, Derrick Mpundu, Andrew Chellah, deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Christopher Mvunga, presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe, among others, proudly showed off their bellies at the reed dance organized as part of their visit during that country’s Trade Fair last weekend.

“People of Zambia, when we talk, some of you are even ridiculing us! All I am saying is that we have a wrong leadership in State House, a leadership that is full of nothing but a leadership that is being playful. When people are suffering, you can go to Swaziland, dress in the traditional attire and show off on social media with even people who are not supposed to accompany the President, friends, businessmen!”

Kambwili exclaimed at a media briefing in Lusaka today.

The former PF central committee member who has been expelled from the ruling party, a decision he has contested in court, said he wanted answers from the Zambian leadership.

He said it was not the President’s job to always be travelling whenever he was invited.

“President Lungu was invited by King Mswati [of Swaziland] to open the Trade Fair. �The question that begs an answer from our President is: was it necessary for the President to go for four days? He left on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and is expected to come back today (yesterday). A flight from Lusaka into Swaziland is one hour 50 minutes. Was it necessary for the President to have gone to open a Trade Fair for four days?” Kambwili asked.

“The pictures from Swaziland are not impressive. What is coming out of Swaziland gives an impression that our President went for holiday; they are busy taking pictures with some of the road contractors here in Zambia; some of his own friends. If you look at the pictures, there is Mr Findlay, who is a known friend of the President. Who paid for Mr Findlay’s passage into Swaziland? Who is paying for his meals and hotel accommodation? The other contractors and friends are in the picture. We want to know who paid for their airfares into Swaziland, who is paying for their meals and who is paying for everything?”

He said Zambians would not accept using taxpayers money on people who had nothing to do with governance.

Kambwili said the idea of the Head of State travelling with his friends on official trips should come to an end.

“Taxpayers’ money must be spent on civil servants and employees of government. Why should the President be moving with people who have got questionable characters? Our guess could be may be he does not know that some of the people who are in the pictures we have seen have questionable characters. Some of the people have gone through investigations for drug dealing. Those are the people that our President, representing Zambia, is travelling with and posing with in a foreign nation! This we cannot allow,” Kambwili, who also wondered why the Head of State could be travelling with all his special assistants, said.

He said the people of Chawama where President Edgar Lungu comes from were suffering and could not imagine that the Head of State could go to Swaziland for four days just to open a Trade Fair on Saturday.

Kambwili said the Zambian government had invited South Africa’s Jacob Zuma to be guest at the Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show last month and he travelled with seven people, “opened the show and returned to South Africa the same day”.

��“What we want to see is a responsible President who can go to Swaziland in the morning, open the Trade Fair in the afternoon and fly back to Zambia in one hour 50 minutes. But our President, our humble president, I don’t know whether by merely doing this (clasp hands), I am being humble! Our humble President left the country on Friday, as I am speaking now, he is not yet back in the country, to open a Trade Fair, that function is done in 30 minutes, to the most, one hour,”

he said.

“Mwe bamunyinane, nangu tapasoswa [my colleagues, even if you are not allowed to talk], people are suffering but our President leaves the country on Friday with his friends and all his aides to go to Swaziland and spend four solid days! Immediately the President comes back, I want an answer on behalf of the people of Zambia how much was spent on this outing to Swaziland and who is paying. If it’s taxpayers’ money, I demand that all the friends who accompanied the President must refund the treasury. This is how we want this country to be run from now going forward.”

On Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo’s statement asking him to withdraw the court case and instead go for a by-election in Roan, Kambwili said the minister would end up looking foolish.

“Just because yesterday you went to UCZ in Mpatamato, you go and give a cheque of K60,000 from the President, you think you can compromise or buy off the people of Roan Constituency? Let me tell you, the people of Roan are more advanced, more intelligent than you are. I can’t understand why a provincial minister can go and issue a statement that withdraw the case to prove who is popular. It’s not about proving who is popular, it’s about being reasonable and living within the norms of governance,” he said.

Kambwili told Lusambo that he had to be convinced that he was expelled for something wrong he committed.

He said if he felt the party had been unfair to him, he would fight to the bitter end and that a by-election to be caused would not be financed by Lusambo.

“I am a very responsible, law-abiding citizen. And I want is to make sure that the people of Zambia don’t suffer lack of medicines in hospital because we are going to spend K4 million on an election in Roan just to show that I am popular,” Kambwili said.

He said Lusambo’s tools of analysis were defective.

“For him, he was told that the UCZ church in Mpatamato, one of the biggest churches, is going to have a fundraising for the reverend to build a house. He says ‘Mr president send us some money, once we give to the UCZ, Kambwili is going to lose elections’. Thank very much Mr President for the money. I am sure when you went to UCZ, you saw that they have got a cathedral, do you know how much money I donated to build that cathedral? Go and ask the UCZ how much I have given towards that cathedral. You are only showing the people of Zambia that there is some kind of foolishness; you go to donate to a church, you carry cameras. I have donated more than that K60,000 to that church. So tonse uto tuma tricks you want to use ba Lusambo, naba Lungu, the people of Roan are far much ahead of you,” Kambwili said.

He also took time to school Chiteme and government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga who criticized his attacks on President Lungu.

“The other one was Chiteme. Mwaice wandi Chiteme, umweni talisha munsoli, nga alisha umunsoli, ninshi eko afuma ningomba (a visitor does not whistle, if he does then where he comes from he is a truant). You have just come in PF, you have just been elected as MP, you think you are the only one who knows how to talk?” Kambwili asked.

He advised Chiteme to fight for a ministerial position in a good way other than talking about issues he did not know.

Kambwili told Chiteme there were billions of kwacha he had personally spent on hospitals, marketeers, schools and students in his constituency.

He also told Mulenga that she was “a young girl” who was excited to be minister and could afford to insult him when he personally helped her to be in her current position.

Mulenga last week wondered why Kambwili was telling President Lungu that there was corruption in his government.

But Kambwili said he was merely asking the Head of State where he had gotten all the money he was using to build massive infrastructure.

“Yesterday some people from Chawama came and told me ‘we have watched what you were saying on video; let’s take you to a place where Edgar Lungu is building a mall in Lilayi’. I am telling you Zambians, you will be shocked [by the magnitude, the size of the mall that President Edgar Lungu is building. Who doesn’t know who Edgar Lungu was before he became President? Who doesn’t know who Lungu was before he became MP? Where has he gotten the money to put up all these infrastructure? He is building filling stations, he is demolishing his old bar and building a mall in Chawama, he is building a mall in Petauke. So what we are asking is that let him tell us where he has gotten the money,” he said.

“It’s not for you Chiteme, it’s not for Kampamba, it’s not for Bowman, it’s for President Edgar Lungu to come on TV and say I got a loan from Finance Bank, that’s the house I am building near Leopards Hill Memorial Park; I got a Loan from Barclays Bank, that’s the mall I am building; that’s all we need. We don’t want people to be speculating. We love our President so much. He is too humble to be building so much without explaining where he has gotten all that money. I am only speaking for you, that’s taxpayers’ money which is being plundered for personal riches, which is unfortunate.”

And Kambwili said it was disheartening that wherever President Lungu was building, there were paramilitary police guarding the premises.

“That is abuse of authority with impunity. I don’t think that the law provides that wherever the President is building his private properties, paramilitary or police must be guarding those properties. To make matters worse, even his former house in Jack Compound, which is on rent, there is a policeman guarding there. Nangu tamwakwata umwenso [even if you are not scared), Kampyongo, withdraw those police officers from those private properties. Even here in the neighbourhood where he used to live as Minister of Justice, he has never handed it to government. His children are still staying there and when you check inside, there are a lot of vehicles, brand new vehicles. Where have all those vehicles come from?”

he asked.

Kambwili also urged the government to pay former RAMCOZ employees their NAPSA contributions.

Meanwhile, Kambwili asked the government when a salary increment for civil servants would be effected in view of the increase in electricity tariffs.

“Mr President, I plead with you, from me to you, when you buy electricity for K50 today, before the end of the day ninshi amalaiti nayapwa (electricity units are finished). I know you don’t buy electricity Mr President, you are not feeling it because the taxpayers pay for you but for you ministers you pay for electricity and you are also feeling the pinch, why are you failing to table it in Cabinet and say ‘look, can we make these increments gradually other than putting the whole 75 percent on the poor civil servants, the poor miners, on the poor employees?’,”

said Kambwili.

“You are saying we want cost reflective tariffs so that we can have more electricity, but what is more electricity if the people cannot afford it? Why should you have more electricity that people cannot afford? That electricity should not even be generat

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