Kambwili confirms CB residents want to embarrass Sata with protests

Copperbelt residents, including PF cadres in the area, are set to embarrass president Michael Sata when he goes for his independence day celebrations there.

Information reaching the Watchdog indicate that Copperbelt people feel cheated that Mr. Sata has never thanked them for the massive votes they gave him in 2011 elections and even the MPs have all runaway from people’s problems there.

In response, the Zambia security wings are mobilising lots of manpower to guard Mr. Sata against embarrassment from protesting residents to a point where there will be more security personal in plain clothes but heavily armed, that will be attending the event.

Even Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has also confirmed the Watchdog information and has warned that any PF cadre that will embarrass Mr. Sata through protests will be expelled immediately.

“I have received disturbing reports that some PF cadres want to protest against Secretary General Wynter Kabimba. I want to warn our youths that anyone who will embarrass the president by protesting against the Secretary General will be dealt with and expelled from the party,” Mr. Kambwili told Radio Phoenix news.

But information received by the Watchdog indicate that it is not just the protests against Mr. Kabimba that people want to embarrass Mr. Sata, but the lack of appreciation and development plus the high cost of living.

“We have been waiting for this opportunity since 2011, the cost of mealie meal is very high, cost of fuel is high, there are no medicines in hospitals, we have no water, and electricity black-outs are worse, but he wants to come and cut cakes and wine and dine himself at our expense, so we want to show him unlike people in Lusaka who spare him. In fact we dont want him here, let him stay inside State House as he always does,” sources said.

Copperbelt University students have also not been paid there bursary allowances while Mr. Sata and his ministers have given themselves 27 percent salary increments which is not even taxed though they cheated people that they only got 10 percent.

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