Kambwili constructs 40 houses on state land, former Luanshya golf course

Kambwili constructs 40 houses on state land, former  Luanshya golf course

Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili has demarcated and allocated to himself government land and has constructed 40 mansions on the same government  land. Kambwili who is also Chief Government Spokesperson has further abused the authority of office by directing a road contractor to tar a road leading to his housing complex in Luanshya.

photo taken from distance

photo taken from distance

photo0514 photo0515 According to investigation conducted, Mr. Kambwili has demarcated part of the Luanshya Golf course and apportioned it to himself. The Luanshya Golf Course was owned by the Mines under ZCCM but when the new Mine owners took over, they  decided to surrender the golf course it to Luanshya Municipal Council. When Kambwili was appointed Sports Minister by late  President Michael Sata, he grabbed the land from the council saying the Golf Club fell under his Ministry .

Instead of surrendering the land to the Ministry of Sports, Chishimba Kambwili aportioned the land to himself. He has since constructed 40 mansions on the land which he calls Kambwili Estates. The Zambian Watchdog visited the area recently. Since Kambwili likes challenges, we challenge Kambwili to tell the nation who is the owner of the Land where the houses are built. It is on number 9 Westeria Avenue Luanshya. Further on the gate it is written Kambwili Estates. 9 Westeria Avenue, Villa Febby Nonde Nundwe. See some photos taken from a distance. We await Mr. Kambwili’s response and the Anti Corruption Commission’s move.

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