Kambwili, DEC cartel and PF rubbish

It is sad to note that Zambia has once again been governed like an animal farm as selective application of the law and injustice seem to be the order of the day. It is because of the failure of those that are in government to live up to what they promised the nation that has greatly contributed to the many in the public service to be corrupt.
Listening to Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili insulting Fr Bwalya on the radio made me understand how power can corrupt people to become monsters. How can he even have the morality of calling Fr Bwalya such names when he is dirty himself? It is definitely a way of blinding President Sata from getting to know how corrupt he (Chishimba) is. It is very possible that he can be one of those that have been dragging the name of the Head of State into this dirty business at D.E.C. and A.C.C.
Chishimba Kambwili is one of the shields to the D.E.C. drug cartel that has been victimizing perceived rich but innocent people in society. Alita Mbahwe is a girlfriend to his best friend hence the corruption and abuse of office at the D.E.C. and A.C.C. is being perpetuated with impunity. If he is serious about serving the nation and not his stomach, how come his government has failed to act on the corruption, nepotism and abuse of authority that is being perpetuated by many public officers?
Since the exposing of this institutionalized drug cartel, many innocent people have been and are being victimized by the cartel. Those that are honest in the D.E.C. and A.C.C. are the soft targets of suspicion. It is clear that not all officers in these institutions are in support of the corruption and abuse of authority that is going on hence the willingness to help in exposing this corruption.
Many honest officers in the D.E.C. questioned the motive of promoting the same people at the centre of this corruption such as Anderson Mbahwe, Philip Nkuwa and Oscar Champa but ignore those that are honest and hard working. This has been considered as a confirmation of the involvement of the senior officials of the D.E.C. in the said corruption and other criminal activities. Many honest officers are finding it difficult to follow tips on Drug dealers because of fearing Anderson Mbahwe who has been promoted to the position of deputy intelligence officer.
The recent promotions are designed to help the D.E.C. drug cartel to protect its drug peddlers on the streets such as Ibrahim alias Joe of Kamwala South, Big Sam of Makeni, Boris of Chelstone, Steve alias Smoke, Richard of Chawama and Mwangala Saasah of Kamwala.
Mwangala (Prostitute and Drug Addict) is a girl-friend to Oscar Champah and believed to have slept with most of the D.E.C. officers that are in the cartel. It is also said that at least five D.E.C. officers are drug addicts or smoke marijuana with her e.g Alick Ndalemeti. Steve (Smoke) is a connection of Oscar Champah and Lameck Phiri (Jeff) through whom he receives drugs from the D.E.C. to sell for the drug cartel.
As things are, it is difficult to understand the role of government in this situation. The government has chosen not to follow up the issue of the D.E.C. drug cartel but allow the cartel to use its influence to threaten the lives of innocent people such as Maniku Njamba, Perry and John that are in remand prison after being framed by the same cartel. They were moved from Kamwala Remand Prison to Lusaka Central Prison (Chimbokaila) on 10th May 2013 after being accused of sending the information to the website media. By Law the three are entitled to be at the remand facility as they are not convicts but the owner of Kamwala Remand has decided otherwise, which is very unfortunate in country of Laws.
I wonder why any patriotic Zambian would dream that what we reveal concerning the cartel is fabrication? If it was fabrication how come the drug cartel is suspecting these people? If you are accused of breaking into someone’s shop if you are sure you did not commit the said crime, would you have someone to suspect as being an informer? It is commonsense that you can only suspect someone you believe knows something about your crime.
It has been discovered that the Kamwala Remand Officer In-charge is a close relation or friend to Anderson Mbahwe hence the move to move the three to Chimbokaila as a way of punishing them, but for what crime if I may ask? This is the Zambia we are living in where injustice has taken centre stage. It is this kind of nonsense that has made corruption and injustice to dominate the public service.
Imagine an officer in-charge of a prison behaving like he owns the institution and decide to serve the cartel at the expense of justice. This is what has made us to risk our jobs and lives to expose the selective law enforcing and abuse of authority. The advice to the officer in-charge concerned is that he should work hard and own a mansion than finding pride in being in charge of such a facility which will never make him a hero at the end of his working life. Do not allow corrupt individuals to hijack your good moral standing.
We are not fabricating, the D.E.C. and A.C.C. is really corrupt and the government knows. That is the reason we give you details which anyone can use to verify what we reveal. We believe it is the duty of the government to stop this but where the government is reluctant it is the duty of all that work to serve the nation such as the opposition and the NGOs to hold government accountable. Anyone is free to follow up on our revelations and prove us right or wrong?
The question is; what should a nation do to stop such corruption and abuse of office in cases such as these, where those that are mandated to arrest such crimes are either involved or scared of the system that easily betray those that are honest and hardworking? As we write the corrupt officers in the D.E.C. are busy planning to frame another Lawyer with money laundering charges to try and fix him for personal reasons.
Zambians wake up and unite against the corruption, selective law enforcing and injustice that the nation has been subjected to. Let us not think that the opposition party leaders and others that have so far fallen victims to such abuse deserve it or matter less. As long as the nation refuses to stand up and stop this abuse of public trust, no one is safe not even the future generation of this country. Let us unite and stop this before it is too late!!! 

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