Kambwili desperate, says Lungu is foolish

Former Youth and Sport Minister Chishimba Kambwili is said to be getting desperate by president Edgar Lungu’s seemingly reluctance to re-appoint him. Kambwilie has reportedly described Lungu as foolish.

And Emmanuel Mwamba, former spokesperson for late Fredrick Chiluba, is about to be appointed Minister of Information.

So far Lungu has been sidelining Emmanuel Mwamba and had even stopped answering his phone calls. Mwamba had believed that he would be the first person to be appointed once Lungu was sworn in. But Mwamba was shocked that Lungu chose to appoint Amos Chanda as his spokesperson. Mwamba and Chanda may pretend and appear to be friends but they hate each other. Mwamba has been campaigning to be appointed minister of information but that would mean he is the boss to Amos Chanda. So Chanda is trying his level best to make sure Mwamba does not get that job.

President Lungu on Tuesday swore in former minister of information Joseph Katema as minister of chiefs ,a position previously held by Nkandu Luo. It is believed that Lungu moved Katema to the minister of chiefs to create space for Emmanuel Mwamba, but the battle is still on and someone else may be appointed.

As for Kambwili, he is tired of waiting. Over the weekend, in a rage of frustration over a drink, it is reported that he was recorded saying “alitumpa sana, kuti asha inne newa mupele presidency nelyo ale chita concede”.

He is very foolish. How can he leave me out when am the one who gave him the presidency when he was conceding.

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