Kambwili detained, charged with unlawful assembly

Kambwili detained, charged with unlawful assembly

NDC Consultant and Roan Parliamentarian Dr.Chishimba Kambwili has been detained on a charge of unlawful Assembly.

This is in relation to the alleged “meeting” he had with aggrieved AVIC employees who matched to his house in Luanshya.

They went to seek his intervention in the inhuman working conditions that they are experiencing at the construction site where police houses are being constructed.

A comprehensive statement will be issued to the nation by the Secretary General Mr.Mwenya Musenge in due course.

*Private Secretary to Dr.Kambwili*

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    Unlawful assembly ?? The man was in his house when he heard commotion outside caused by Avic. Come on you guys in PF..is this the best you can do? Why didn’t you arrest the people that marched to his house without permit. I thought you arrested him for calling Lungu a thief. Of course you can’t arrest him for that because every zambian knows Lungu is a thief. Drop this charge immediately. It exposes your stupidity and evil ways you govern this country. An MP can hold a meeting in his or her area without stupid police permit.

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    oranje91 2 weeks ago

    He is an MP, why shouldn’t people go to him to seek answers?

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    OgaFemmy 2 weeks ago

    AVIC has become the biggest source of problems in Zambia. From single sourcing, corruption, fund PF election fraud… They could be perpetuating instability in the country, it’s better they are shown the door quickly.