Kambwili goes tribal, attacks Tongas in Bembaland


With no sensible things to tell Zambian voters, PF Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili has told Bemba speaking people in Kasama not to vote for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the coming election.

Addressing a public meeting in Kasama on Sunday, Kambwili said just like other Tonga speaking people, Hichilema must not be allowed anywhere near the corridors of State House.

Kambwili who spoke without shame even attacked late UPND founding leader Anderson Mazoka of dying before he could be elected as republican president.

He told residents of Kasama that he will continue with his hate speech against the Tongas until Hichilema loses the next elections.

As a staunch-tribalist Kambwili charged that no right thinking Bemba person should dare vote for UPND in the upcoming general elections.

He also accused some Tonga speaking intelluctuals of being the only ones criticizing the PF government’s failure to manage the national economy.

Despite himself getting a fake doctorate, Kambwili has the nerve to accuse qualified economists like Lubinda Habazooka of being tribal by pumping sense into the minds of PF leaders to manage the economy properly.

Meanwhile, PF propagandist Emmanuel Mwamba has abandoned his diplomatic service in South Africa and has joined PF tribal campaigns in Northern Province.

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