Kambwili, help us unravel Freedom Park, NAPSA corruption

Kambwili, help us unravel Freedom Park, NAPSA corruption

We are not done yet with Chishimba Kambwili.

For now we will adopt that word Pukuta Mwanza would use. Brother Kambwili. The Bible Says whatever happens does happen for a purpose. As for us we also believe that whatever happens to you today has happened to someone before and it will happen again to someone. The chasing like a rabid dog of Brother Kambwili from the Plunderers Family (PF) may be a blessing in disguise for us who practise this under cover Journalism. Brother Kambwili may help us solve a number of unresolved puzzles. We know Kambwili reads the Zambian Watchdog and we would like him to assist us with these investigations.

Just like the PF Police masquarading as Zambia Police would say. Brother Chishimba Kambwili welcome to the platform of guerrilla  Journalism. Here is what we would want you to help us. Can you confirm you were once Minister of Labour? What we know is that as Minister of Labour, developers of the Kitwe Freedom Park shopping Mall approached you with the view of you influencing Napsa to buy off the project because the developers had lost interest after the opening of the Mukuba Mall nearby. You did indeed approach the National Pension Scheme Authority then headed by Charles Mpundu. Mpundu was adamant to invest in another shopping mall citing Levy Mall as an example saying Levy was not doing fine and that Mpundu did not want to risk retirees money.

You continued pursuing this ideal until Mosho Lewis short changed you. You were transfered from Ministry of Labour to Information and were replaced by Fack as Sata would call him. We mean Mr. Fackson Shamenda.

Then at Labour your Permanent Secretary was Trevor Kaunda. You may not be aware why Mosho came into the game. We will briefly explain to you. The developers of the Freedom Park Mall now called Edgar Chagwa Lungu Mall were asking for US330 million for the incomplete structure. They approached Nchito and Nchito Law Firm to be transaction advisors. The Law firm which is jointly owned by Mutembo Nchito and his brother Nchima those well known sworn enemies of Lewis Mosho asked for ten per cent as transaction fee. When Mosho heard this, he was worried that this money could end up with Fred Mmembe who would in turn  pay off his Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) debt. To play this game smart,Shamenda was asked if he was comfortable to work with Trevor Kaunda as PS. Shamenda was not comfortable so he was given Barnabas Mulenga who was Commissioner of Lands as PS and Mr. Kaunda was transfered to Lands in the same capacity. Charles Mpundu was fired as Napsa Director General and replaced with Mr. Fortune Kachamba.

To block the Nchitos, Lewis Mosho got a defective court order from Judge Isaac Tantameni Chali. The transaction advisory role went to Mosho’s company called Lewis and Nathan Associates a Company just opposite Zamtel exchange in Woodlands. Independence Avenue. The transaction with Napsa was concluded and Mosho got his cut. Edgar Lungu even went to officially commission the Mall that was even named after him being the” humble man”.


We are aware that Shamenda got his cut and bought a farm in Lusaka East along Mikango road. In case you do not know the farm it is that one next to Secretary to the Treasury’s Fred Yamba’s farm. Brother Kambwili that land which belonged to Ministry of Livestock but was de gazzetted demarcated in secrecy. That Land brother Kambwili were Edgar Lungu has a huge track of land bordered by PS Livestock Dr. Shamulenge, Kaizer Zulu and Amos Chanda. The land Brother was demarcated by the same Barnabas Mulenga when he was commissioner of Lands. The transaction lawyer who was doing Conveyance was Germano Kaulungombe. That Germano the Cousin to Barnabas Mulenga and Judge Mungeni Mulenga of the Constitutional Court. That Germano of Marshal Chambers. Yes, that Germano Kaulungombe is who presided over the convention that duly elected Miles Sampa as PF President and when he was given money he changed mind.and said he did not declare Miles Sampa duly elected.

Brother Kambwili to make matters worse, Napsa single sourced the main contractor. It is Steffanuci a company whose country director is Mosho’s friend. Lameck N’gambi who at one time was Roads Development Agency Chief Executive Officer, PS Works and worked for N’gandu Consulting Engineers in Rwanda. Brother there was no advert from Napsa. We have briefly explained to you Brother Kambwili. It is a long story. Now back to helping us with investigations. Are you aware if this is plunder? At what level was it when you left Ministry of Labour? At what level was it when you were fired as Chief Government Lumpen (Spokesperson)? At what level was is it when you zoomed out of that Central Committee you rightly call Kangaroo court? We are aware that EL, Fack Shamenda and the Napsa board and senior managers benefitted together with Mosho of course. Since you were Nyunyad (shortchanged) and now fired just spill the beans. Brother Kambwili Please Please Please Please. This investigation is Global. Do you remember how you abused the word global. We are done for today Brother Kambwili. Let everybody including Pukuta Mwanza say.Amen. Ameeeeeeeen.

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