Kambwili joins PF boxing ring accusing Kabimba, Mmembe of hijacking the presidency

Kambwili joins PF boxing ring accusing Kabimba, Mmembe of hijacking the presidency

Chishimba Kambwili,  the PF Youth and Sports Minister has  joined the boxing ring and confirmed that a certain cabinet minister in connivance with a newspaper are scheming to take-over the presidency.

With ailing president Michael Sata about to give up power, Kambwili in an apparent reference to fellow cabinet minister Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe, confirmed the existence of what is becoming an ugly power struggle within the presidency.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka on the sidelines of the third Africa Youth Parliament at the National Assembly building, Kambwili said he was aware that he had also been targeted by the Fred Mmembe and Wynter Kabimba cartel that wants to destroy their image.

“We are not going to sit idle and leave this people to destroy the PF we worked hard for, the PF we developed. So I can confirm that it is true that people are working at hijacking the Presidency before 2016 and of course wanting to throw scorn against certain individuals in the party and I’m one of the targets but as usual am a very cool and collected person, I’m quiet about it and I know they won’t manage, they are just wasting their time,” Kambwili said.

“I’m one of them being targeted together with Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda. A named newspaper (Post newspaper) wants to throw scorn on some of us with a view to discredit us so that they can promote a certain individual, in an apparent reference to Kabimba, to be President after Sata.

Kambwili revealed, without really naming Kabimba, that he (Kabimba) has gone out to connive with a certain newspaper which you know to try to promote his being President and right now he is busy calling youths from the Copperbelt in groups of tens and telling them that he holds all government contracts and can give them contracts if they supported him to be president and if they work with him.

Kambwili warned PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba against attempting to get to the presidency by squeezing others.

“You only get to the presidency by offering good leadership, earning your imminence and convincing the people that you are the best out of all of them that want to be President after Sata,” he said.

Kambwili, who is one of the main suppliers to the mines, also revealed that his team has correspondence on how the Mmembe and Kabimba team are planning to make sure that himself, Chikwanda, Yamfwa Mukanga, Chritopher Yaluma and Willie Nsanda were kicked out of the party.

He accused some of the Post newspaper sources such as Anglican priest Fr. Luonde and and Bishop John Mambo of having been paid and sponsored for the activities.

Even those that are speaking out of the newspaper against Honourable Chikwanda have been paid,

“Bishop Mambo and Fr. Luonde were paid to discredit Chikwanda and some of us. We know how much they were paid. They have all been paid to speak on behalf of this clique (Fred Mmembe Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito, Inonge Wina, Silvia Masebo, and others) of people that are trying to destabilise the party.”

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