Kambwili, Kalaba, Mwila, Others Happy With Pilatos’s Alungu Anabwera, says pro PF website

Kambwili, Kalaba, Mwila, Others Happy With Pilatos’s Alungu Anabwera, says pro PF website

Tumfweko, a pro- genuine PF website and funded by Emmanuel Mwamba and others has published the following article

A highly place insider has revealed to Ilyashi Team that Patriotic Front (PF) founder members who include Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba, Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila and others are exceedingly pleased with Pilato’s Alungu Anabwela song that they have even made attempts to contact the embattled Copperbelt musician for a possible sponsorship deal in his future songs. However, Ilyashi Team understands Pilato cannot be bought.

‘Naturally, Chishimba Kambwili could have lambasted Pilato for the song, but uncharacteristic of him, the man has chosen to be silent,’ explained the source. ‘Have you heard any of these guys who defended Lungu like he held the key to their salvation threatening Pilato lately? Nabalutemwa ulwimbo (they are happy with the song),’ the source added.

The insider further revealed that most PF ‘generals’ where so upset with president Lungu that he was handing the party they founded to people they risked their lives to remove from power.

‘These guys are so upset with ba Lungu that they even want to get Pilato to do more songs for them, but knowing Pilato, the man can’t agree. He is too principled to be bought. Even Mumbi Phiri is beginning to agree with Chishimba Kambwili that it’s better to sell their souls to the devil than dine with people they once considered as crooks, corrupt and incompetent.

‘You can understand the palpable anger. These guys spent 10 years fighting MMD… abena Dora, Simbao, Mulusa, Masumba, RB –people who sold ZANACO, ZAMTEL, Zambia Railways and Finance Bank, PF reversed all these sells but one, ZANACO. Now ba Lungu is giving power back to these suspects. So abena Kambwili see Pilato’s song as a perfect hit expressing the displeasure of many Pf members and those whole loved Sata.’

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