Kambwili, Kapyongo need to be in jail

Kambwili, Kapyongo need to be in jail

Laura Miti writes:

Messrs Chishimba Kambwili and Stephen Kampyongo have too much to answer for, to the Zambian people, to be heard in public.

So revolting were their politics, when in power, that seeing them giving interviews and campaigning like everything is fine, turns the stomach.

Sadly, the two arrogant men are so obviously lacking in basic conscience and remorse, that they do not understand that they owe Zambia the minimum respect of disappearing from our view. It’s amazing that they think they can just continue with life, expecting no consequences for all the gross harm they planned for and caused Zambia.

I am really hoping that the police do not also think that Mr Kambwili should get away with his shocking hate speech, during the election campaigns. Hate he arrogantly and criminally continues to sow.

IG Kajoba, what’s taking long? I hope you understand that if Mr Kambwili is allowed to get away with his crimes, acted out in public view, a dangerous lesson will have been taught to politicians.

As for Mr Kampyongo, I am hoping that new Minister of Home Affairs Mwimbu understands that he needs to move on from roadblocks and give the nation information citizens have been demanding for years.

We must know who ordered the criminal police shootings that led to the deaths of Vespers, Nsama, Frank, Mapenzi and Kaunda. Yes, because Mr Kampyongo was Minister of Home Affairs, my view is we need to know what, if any, his part was in the order that allowed live bullets to be used against unarmed citizens.

Mr Mwimbu must also institute an inquiry into who was behind the criminal arming of PF cadres and facilitation of their well planned and financed violence. Violence that was a veritable terror campaign against ordinary citizens.

Again, my view is it is necessary to for Mr Kampyongo to testify before such an inquiry.

In short, I am saying there is murky stuff that happened in the last 10 years that we need to clear up.

While we wait to do so, there are individuals that are best quiet, where we can’t see them.

Too much kutidoba

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