Kambwili orders blackout of opposition coverage on ZNBC

Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili has directed ZNBC management to impose a total blackout of covering opposition politicians at the nation’s broadcaster.

And the cash strapped ZNBC is now unable to pay its workers on time everything month.

Highly placed sources within PF revealed that Kambwili recently convened a meeting with Heads of government media institutions ZNBC, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and directed that they should never give news coverage to opposition politicians, especially the UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema on any issue, without his express clearance.

“If ZNBC is to cover opposition politicians, Kambwili demands he first sees the story so that he can react it on it or at least someone from government. In the meeting he even said it is ‘John Cena’ now for HH because I don’t want to see him on ZNBC. He said he wanted people to think HH has given up contesting next year’s presidency. Imagine these are people who campaigned on the platform of freeing the public media. But now it is is almost worse than under MMD. Maybe it is because MMD have taken over PF policies now. But the he forgets that there are so many media outlets than ZNBC,” revealed PF government sources. 

Sources said a number of journalists from government media suspected of being sympathetic with the UPND have either been removed or transferred to other places where they would have no influence.

Sources also revealed that ZNBC employees have now joined the long list of government wings that is failing to pay its workers on time.

“ZNBC salaries are now ever delayed. Sometimes they have to get paid in batches starting with management first then pay unionised employees. There is completely no money despite the huge amounts adverts they receive yet workers are destitutes being abused by government,” revealed inside PF sources.

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