Kambwili pays UPND officials to adopt only Tonga candidates on Copperbelt

Kambwili pays UPND officials to adopt only Tonga candidates on Copperbelt

A diabolical scheme under which the PF is sponsoring imposing weak candidates to stand on the UPND ticket on the Copperbelt has been uncovered.

Verified information show that the PF is bribing UPND delegates in the ongoing primary elections to vote for unknown, weak candidates. In particular, the PF has bribed UPND delegates to make sure that almost all candidates that will be adopted are either Tonga or Lozi or from North-western province.

The project is spearheaded by information minister Chishimba Kambwili.  Sources say Kambwili has so far managed to pay and convince UPND delegates in Luanshya district to make sure that the UPND candidates for both Roan and Luanshya constituencies are Tonga. Once this is done, Kamwbili will go on ZNBC to read the list of UPND candidates while shouting that the party is for Tongas only. The same project is being pushed in some areas of Lusaka and other former PF strongholds.

The UPND rank and file is appealing to the UPND leadership to intervene and control the selection of candidates on the Copperblet otherwise Kambwili is the one picking the candidates now.

One worried supporter told the Watchdog that UPND leaders in particular party president Hakainde Hichilema and vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba must personally intervene in this urgent matter if the UPND is to win the Copperblet.


ZWD comment: HH and GBM will have themselves to blame if they let those money hungry souls mess up this fertile ground for them.  Michael Sata personally picked all the PF parliamentary candidates in 2011 though of course he gave the impression that it was the grassroots that picked them. This is politics. In this life, there is something called ‘positive discrimination’.

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