Kambwili plots to take over PF as Lungu threatens disciplinary action

Sensing PF defeat in the forthcoming elections, information minister Chishimba Kambwili has started positioning himself to take over the PF presidency through a revolt but his clandestine moves have been exposed and Lungu has now threatened to invoke disciplinary action on Kambwili.

In a letter dated 29th July 2016 and availed to us by our source attached to Lungu’s office, Lungu accuses Kambwili of holding dark corner meetings on the copperbelt.

Kambwili hopes he can re-organise PF and run for president in 2021.

Recently Kambwili described Lungu as akakunkubiti (empty vessel) who had appointed fellow empty vessels like vice president Inonge Wina. Kambwili prophesied that the PF would lose because of the empty vessels.


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