Kambwili pours out frustration on PF poor campaigns

” Muntu alesha ama candidates ayakankala ayabikapo utukunkubiti tunakwe ” says Chishimba Kambwili

In a latest leaked recording suspected to have been done during the Tour of Northern where the Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili was heard telling his confidants in which he lamented about the adoption process and generally the calibre of Patriotic Front candidates especially at Parliamentary and Mayoral levels as well as how frustrating it has been for PF members to see their Presidential running mate Inonge Wina, failing to pull much needed crowds to her rallies even in a Province like Western Province where she comes from .

But are you seeing fibena HH the way they are tearing us in our bedrooms ?

“Bane aya ama elections tuleyamo teyakwangala , umo akaisanga muli mwamoneni, because of sidelining genuine and influential people in preference for utukunkubiti tunakwe utuya mukumubepa ubufi ku State House , the campaign is rough out there” Kambwili is heard lamenting in a recording

The former Roan Parliamentarian is further heard telling the group that was comprising some candidates he kept telling that, go an campaign for yourselves as relying on the Party is a non starter as there is an undeniable rebellion against Govt .

” Inga mukala umfwila Secretariate lwenu,mukaisanga muli mwamoneni, our strongholds have lost the zeal and motivation guys , hehehe , I have just been touring Nothern it’s clear , our grassroot are demoralised, they openly say it ” tatwaka voote” and yet this election requires 50%+1 where are you going to get it ?” Told the group

” Things are bad bane, not nokuibepa , na 2015 yalibwino this time , it’s hard as voters have no one to give their sympathy vote , infact , as things stand, because of this so called violence some these utukunkubiti collecting money from State House to go and intimidate the Opposition and call it campaigning , you will be shocked the sympathy vote will go to the Opposition as they are being seen to be at the receiving end of the violence . So what remains for PF ?” (……..Laughs Kambwili)

“Imagine, as if we never said it, wayatola Running mate who has no political influence and now she is struggling to address real crowds befitting a running mate and Vice President …shockingly including in her Province Western it’s hard …..he he he he …… (laughs ) can you compare the rallies ba Wina addressed in Western to the rallies i addressed in Kasama ? it’s that bad bane”

Mr Kambwili further said , ” Imwe you can’t be banking on rigging , rigging only works when you have a Team to justify your victory as the World need justifiable reasons for your victory or they can simply recognise the Opposition and slap sanctions and shut down the entire Governance system , muti kwisa ? So there should be a team to set the ball rolling , not ifi tulemona abena Kaiser , Chulubanama are doing ……..(laughs ) yalikosa. Don’t think fibena GBM , HH , Scot and M’membe are not doing anything to counter . Go and work …..(phone rings )………..Okey guys nabesa natuleya …ninani walayesha motoka yandi ? Alo mwaiche aneni ama Keys …..mmmmmh kwesha bwino yabuteko ……

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