Kambwili refuses to divulge information on Findlay to DEC

Findlay (centre) posing in front of State House gate

National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili has refused to divulge information on drug allegations he made against Findlay and president Lungu to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

Kambwili appeared before the Drug Enforcement Commission today after he was summoned to give them information on the allegations he made recently that Findlay was using the presidential jet to traffic drugs.

He said he has lost interest and confidence in the law enforcement wings adding that whatever information he would give them will be used against him.

Kambwili further said it was folly to expect him to give information to the Drug Enforcement Commission when President Lungu warned members of parliament not to link Findlay’s name to corruption or risk being sued.

When President Lungu addressed parliament on Friday, one Member of Parliament shouted Findlay’s name as President Lungu talked about fighting corruption but the President quickly warned the member that linking Findlay’s name to corruption would land him in court.

Kambwili recently accused President Lungu of using presidential planes to courier illegal drugs with Valden Findlay and challenged Lungu to state the nature of business he is involved in with Findlay, a drug dealer. Findlay has been accompanying president Lungu on most foreign trips despite not holding any government position.

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