Kambwili says even in India there is loadshedding


Chief PF Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has claimed that India is experiencing load shedding of power from 14 hours to 18 hours daily yet President Lungu was not the President of that country.

And Kambwili has appealed to Zambians not to vote out the PF from power claiming that such a move would lead to policy shifts and ultimately reduce investor confidence.

Speaking on Tuesday when he rushed to Radio Phoenix to respond to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who featured on the station last week, Kambwili  said several countries like India, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi and Tanzania were also experiencing load shedding but the opposition there has not called for change of government.

In his attempt to calm down peoples’ frustrations with the PF government, Kambwili went to the extent of challenging Zambians to go to the Kenyan High Commission in Lusaka to prove that even that country was experiencing load shedding due to low water levels.

‘Go to the Kenyan High Commission and find out, there is load shedding in Kenya,’ Kambwili said.

But when reminded that Zambia had the Kariba Dam which is one of the biggest as opposed to the countries he was mentioning, Kambwili argued that India had dams with bigger capacities than Zambia yet they had load shedding. Kambwili however did not mention that India has a population of over one billion as opposed to Zambia’s 15 million.

Kambwili said President Lungu and the PF do not manufacture rain and should not be expected to pick water containers to fill the Kariba Dam.

Kambwili said the report by the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) which states that there where big spills of 19 billion cubic metres of water released from the Dam for 87 days in 2011 and blames ZESCO for not taking remedial measures in time despite advice from the Zambezi River Authority, was partially correct.

He however alleged that the report was written by what he called a ‘frustrated’ engineer who was denied a job by President Lungu.

‘We know where that report is coming from, there is one man who was fired in government and he is with the EIZ, he wanted to be Director of Zesco and made a presentation to the President on what he can do but he has not been allowed and in frustration he went to do that report, some issues raised may be true but some are not because low water levels are not peculiar to Zambia,’ Kambwili claimed.

Kambwili said Zesco continued generating power above the approved threshold despite being directed by the Zambezi River Authority to reduce on generation because they could not reduce power supply to the mines abruptly.

Kambwili however quickly argued that load shedding could not be attributed to Zesco’s failure to take early measurers after advice from the Zambezi River Authority.

‘Are you taking me (instead of telling me) that the power company in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa also did not take measures early,’ asked Kambwili who was literally reading most of his responses from reports.

And Kambwili has appealed to Zambians not to vote out the PF from power claiming that such a move would lead to policy shifts and ultimately reduce investor confidence.

Kambwili claimed that change of government was undesirable because governments plan on periods of 10 to 20 years.

‘Now if you are going to change government every five years like some pundits  are telling people of Zambia even when PF has not failed, the country will degenerate into political instability and no investor will invest, we risk going in that mode if we follow tribalist pundits,’ Kambwili alleged.

And Kambwili has accused Radio Phoenix of conniving with UPND members to ask him questions. This was after telephone lines to the Radio station developed a fault just as the lines were about to be opened. The station however read out question submitted by listeners through e-mail much to the annoyance of Kambwili. One of the questions was on why Kambwili has failed to close the Zambian Watchdog despite promising to close it.

‘You have planted people from UPND and other members of staff are bringing e-mails, its un reasonable, as government we know a lot we have OP on our side, let them use my personal line if your phones are down,’ Kambwili said.

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