Kambwili says HH’s arrest was engineered by Lungu

Kambwili says HH’s arrest was engineered by Lungu

Former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili says UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema’s Treason Charge was politically engineered by Edgar Lungu. Speaking on a blog show Talk Radio, Mr.Kambwili said Edgar Lungu orchestrated Hakainde Hichilema’s traffic offence to treason because Lungu is insecure and wants to consolidated his stay in power. Kambwili who was expelled from the Patriotic Front about a week ago says the insecurity by Edgar Lungu also caused his expulsion because he was seen as a threat to Lungu’s hold to power beyond 2021. He said his expulsion has caused alot of anxiety and apprehension in the PF but party members were scared to express themselves. On his tribal remarks on Tongas Kambwili maintained his stance but later apologised when a caller challenged him that he was practivising divisive politics. Kambwili also wondered why Edgar Lungu has not fired his Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu noting that Kaizer is very corrupt and his public behavior could have led to his dismissal long time ago. ” I don’t know why corrupt Kaizer Zulu is still there. A corrupt person. A person who can even go into a hotel and fire guns at guests. A person who can strangle a Policewoman at International match. Only God knows why,”he said.

“When a leader is insecure, he wants to create his own team, more especially in African politics, he wants to create his own team that can just be saying ‘yes sir, yes Mr President’ but once a leader goes that direction, just know that that government is a failed government because nobody has the monopoly of wisdom. Now, in this Cabinet that we have, nobody can stand up to President Edgar Lungu, nobody can stand up, he is controlling them like small kids.”

Kambwili said a lot of people in the ruling party were not happy about his expulsion but they could not speak up.

Kambwili said an insecure leader was very dangerous.

“I expected him as a lawyer to abide by the provisions or the norms of social justice, but you know, when you are acting out of hate, [you are] insecure, you are dangerous, you can do anything. You can even go and get a 20 pound hammer to try and kill a lion,” he said.

“So that is how insecure the President is. When a political opponent obstructs your motorcade, which is a traffic offense, you charge them with treason, that simply shows that you are insecure, what are you scared of? What are you scared of? You just hear ‘Kambwili is campaigning for 2021’, ‘let’s expel him’, that’s not the way you run a country because a country is bigger than all of us so in a nutshell, we are in this situation because we have a leader who is insecure,” he said.

Kambwili said  Lungu was very short sighted.

“Some people are so short sighted that they only want to see within a radius of 0.5 meters. If they see beyond 0.5 meters, the idea of expelling others from this political party for self preservation, the consequences are too grave to contemplate. PF won by over 100,000 votes, if Chishimba Kambwili left PF today with a few members and another person, Musenge, left PF went and formed a political party with a few members, we are reducing the 100,000 margin. In the meantime, the main opposition are consolidating their membership in their strongholds. I am telling you, this is what I usually refer to ‘ukushala muli mwamoneni’,” he said.

“But because I am a reasonable person, I am seeing beyond 2021, I want PF to be united and I am fighting this battle not for myself but for the general membership who have worked for PF but most of the members have not worked for PF, they have just joined so they don’t care whether this party goes into extinction. “

And Kambwili said Kaizer should have been fired a long time ago.

“I have been trying to meet the President since I was fired in November. And I have met the Vice-President five times and requested her to go and ask the President to give me an opportunity to meet him with her so that we can discuss intra party issues, there was no response. I called the secretary over 10 times, she would always assure me, ‘the President will get back to you with an appointment date’, I called Kaizer Zulu, the crooked political advisor to the President, crooked in the sense that others would ask why I am calling him crooked, here’s an advisor to the President who can go into a hotel and threaten people with a gun, this is an advisor who in the stadium at an international match, he goes and strangles a police woman, here’s an advisor to the President who can call other members of the Central Committee that ‘I will kill you stepping on your neck’, so that’s why I am referring to him as crooked Kaizer Zulu because that man should have been fired a long time ago, why he is kept at State House, only heaven knows,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili insisted that Southeners would rather vote for HH if he stood against Jesus Christ.

“I call a spade a spade and not a spade a pick for the sake of impressions. You and I know that since UPND was formed in 1997, the people of Southern Province, our brothers, our fellow Zambians have been voting in a manner that is leading to regional politics…it is a fact that in Southern Province, 90 per cent of the votes have always gone to the UPND and basically because the UPND, since its inception has been in the hands of Tonga presidents. And when Mazoka died, there was a statement that was made by some people that that party can only be led by fellow Tongas,” Kambwili said.

“And in stating a fact, people have misunderstood my statement. And I gave an example of how bad the situation was that even if Jesus were to come, some region would vote for their president and not Jesus Christ. Which is a fact! And I still stand by my word even today. My stance is that we should not degenerate into tribal politics but vote for people based on their ability to perform.”

But when a caller told him that his statement was divisive and wrong coming from a leader, Kambwili apologised for the example he gave but insisted that there was need to put an end to tribal politics.

“Obviously you know that Jesus cannot come and stand for elections, but it is giving the gravity of the situation…I have heard so many expressions, people condemning this statement, let me unreservedly apologise for that statement, I apologise to the people of Southern Province for that statement but I think by and large, what we need is to run away from regional or tribal voting because some tribes in Zambia are less than 5,000 people. In those tribes there are intelligent people who can be President but if we are going to vote on tribal lines, it will mean that someone from a small tribe will not be President and that will be very unfortunate for Zamnbia,” said Kambwili.


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