Kambwili says it’s better for Zambia to withdraw from CAF

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has protested the Confederation of African Football (CAF) decision to award the next three African Cup Tournaments to West Africa.
Kambwili told ZNBC news that it would have been better for Zambia to withdraw its membership from CAF in protest over Zambia’s failure to win the bid to host the 2019 tournament.
Kambwili accused the West African dominated CAF of being unfair adding that it was a dark cloud for african football.
There is no country that has ever withdrawn from CAF as a result of a failed bid to host the African Cup tournament and if Kambwili was to have his own way with this it would add to the PF government’s list of unprecedented actions.
The CAF team that visited Zambia recently inspected the two chinese built stadiums in Lusaka and Ndola. They also inspected the Konkola stadium in Chililabombwe and Livingstone where no stadium has been built as yet. The Zambians had submitted an ambitious six venues.

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