Kambwili says Lungu is just a corrupt thief

Kambwili says Lungu is just a corrupt thief


Addressing journalists at his Woodlands residence in Lusaka on Friday, former information minister Chishimba Kambwili revealed the Edgar Lungu has stolen so much from the people of Zambia and he is building mansions all over.

He said:

“We have not heard you respond on corruption, Mr President. But I have seen so many buildings and when you ask, people are saying those buildings are your properties. Some of them I have proved because I have gone there and I have asked the people ‘who is the owner of this project’ and they said it is President Edgar Lungu. [But] where have you gotten the money all of a sudden? Tell the people of Zambia because when you became MP, we know how much you declared but I don’t want to go in details. In 2015, before you became you President, we know how much you declared as your total asset portfolio. But Mr President, today you have got too much money and it is an open secret. You are building all over; near Memorial Park you are building and you are also building in Chawama, Katete, State Lodge… Even if it’s money, Mr President, you can only build so much projects at once! Ni gold mine mwakwata? Mwafumya kwisa ulupiya? Tell the people of Zambia because the office of President is a public office and everything that you do must be above board,” explained Kambwili.

“Comrade Saviour [Chishimba] raised a question that there are some flats that are being built for you by Avic International and Avic International are known to be doing so many contracts for the government…If that is true, it is immoral and it is an act of corruption for them to be building houses for you. Since comrade Saviour [Chishimba] raised that question, you have not responded [but] we want to know, is it true that Avic International is building flats for you and for your daughter Tasila? If it is true, we need an explanation why this should be so, your excellency. All we want to know is where you have gotten so much money [from] when the people of Zambia are suffering! For me, Mr President, you should even stop talking about corruption because there’s so much corruption under your feet. People who work for you have become stinking rich and you know them; they drive all cars that matter. But we know that some of those people who go about boasting that ‘I don’t drive government vehicles because I have my own posh cars’, not long ago they were office orderlies at Chelstone Clinic. Do you need to work at State House for you to be rich? I can tell you that there so many people who are working at State House who have become so rich today but we want to know how they become rich. Can you, Mr President do us a favour; the way you asked the Anti-Corruption Commission to ask me to justify my property, also ask the Anti-Corruption Commission to ask you first to justify your properties that you have gotten between 2015 to date. Also ask them (ACC) to ask Kaizar [Zulu] to ask him where he has gotten the money that he has [and] ask them to ask Amos Chanda where he has gotten the property that he has, including Wayaya [restaurant]. I know that my life is at stake as I say this but I can tell you that I believe in God. For me, security number one is Jesus Christ!”

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