Kambwili says mandatory millitary training will start with grade 7 failures

Youth and Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili, says he is currently consulting the Ministries of Education and Defence in order to improve the proposed compusory millitary training disguised as skills training.

Kambwili’s latest pronouncement shows that the project has no definite plan asPF officials are just issuing statements on whatever they dreamed about last night.

Speaking on a programme on UNZA Radio, Kambwili announced that the  the training centres will be at a level different from those offered by trades schools in the country.

 Kambwili said the training will have a two-tier approach and would target grade 7 and 9 school dropouts as the first group and grade 12 school leavers as the second group respectively.

He aalso claimed that acquisition of equipment and construction of skills centers in different districts would cost more than the K50 billion allocated to the ministry.


He said the money will only go as far as building at least one Skills training Centre in each district.


And Kambwili has refuted his own statement  that youths who will not attend the training will be denied such documentation as VISAs and passports as false. This is obviuously due to the negative reaction his statement received.


He said the ministry would follow all legal procedures to ensure the training is enacted into law and that no decision has been made yet on whether the programme should be mandatory or compulsory.


The minister cited Nigeria as one of the countries where a similar training programme has been carried out successfully.


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