Kambwili says Mulenga was not active member of PF

Kambwili says Mulenga was not active member of PF

13173428_1088687084546779_4444354747880889153_o 13112758_1088687161213438_5238739525387995893_oAfter being hit where it pains most and recovering from diarrhea, PF Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili Mulenga Sata was not an active member of PF and that his resignation has no impact on PF government.

Kambwili, who was a few days ago involved in a witchcraft fight   claimed that late President Michael Sata should be turning in his grave that his son has ‘betrayed’ the party he fought for.

Kambwili mourned that Sata should have used internal channels to address his grievances other than defecting which he described as an act of cowardice.

Kambwili said Mulenga Sata was never an active member of the PF. He said Sata only joined the PF after it formed government and was later appointed Deputy Minister by President Edgar Lungu.

And PF Secretary General Davies Chama says the resignation of Mulenga Sata from the PF has not impact on the ruling party. Chama said the real PF members remain resolute and steadfast in supporting President Edgar Lungu.

He said disgruntled members will leave party at their own time. Mr. Chama said this is because individuals have the freedom of association and assembly.



And PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya who seemingly has not recovered from the shock said across PF members should pray for Mulenga Sata.

“We want to urge all our members to pray for Mr Sata it is not a long time when he lost his father so we want to continue walking with him although now he belongs to a different political party but we can continue to show him love and understanding as well as mutual respect,” Bwalya said senselessly.

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