‘Kambwili should stop insulting us Northwesterners’

Chishimba Kambili is really an irritating goon. He was here in North-western telling us that we should worship PF because it has brought us development.
What development? You think promising to mend a road is development? We know just how much of our wealth has been taken away to develop other areas such as Kambwili’s village. We know what development is. Those roads they are making are meant for them to use to transport our wealth to their regions. How many local people are employed in the mines here compared to the foreigners from Kambwili’s region? And why is he insulting a dead man Ben Tetamashimba? Teta died PF came in power so he can not be accused of anything. It is Kambwili who told our MPS that they are only fit to clean toilets not to be appointed ministers. So let him shut up. Let him not insult us further. He can find unprincipled people from here to work with but he must be told clearly that we the majority know what PF is.
Let him not insult us that he has given us development because firstly, there is no development, and secondly, we know what kind of development we want. No one should impose on us things he thinks we want. We are not children or dogs to be fed by whatever is available. We want to be in charge of our own affairs and determine what development to work on. President Lungu should take this mad man elsewhere. We do not need his insults. We have been insulted enough by being made second class citizens in our own region. All the bosses in the mines are from other provinces, Why?

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