Kambwili survives brutal PF police raid at his residence

Kambwili survives brutal PF police raid at his residence

Just a few days after having a meeting with PF MPs at parliament buildings, dictator Edgar Lungu last night dispatched a battalion of armed police officers and intelligence officers to go and raid the Luanshya residence of Roan MP and former information minister Chishimba Kambwili but they failed to gain entry. It is not clear as to how they failed but some of the officers have told the Watchdog that they just decided to disobey the orders to attack him. 

In the morning, there were 25 uniformed police men with 6 intelligence officers who have been trailing him ever since he arrived in the country from the UK where his family is while many others in plain clothes hovered around his residence premises. An angry Kambwili who posted the development on his facebook page said the gimmick will not intimidate him.

“I woke up this morning and found over 25 armed police officers and 6 office of the president officers right outside my gate. From last night after I arrived in Luanshya police and op have been trailing me, trailing me as far as going into Shoprite right behind me. What is this nonsense ? I am not a criminal, I am a law abiding citizen who deserves to be treated fairly. This state of emergency was not called to trail and harass Chishimba Kambwili,” he says.

The raid on Kambwili’s residence is typical and similar to the one that was executed on UPND president Hakainde Hichilema thereby leading to his trumped up treason charges and detention. Kambwili so far is viewed among PF faithful as one of the hopefuls to take over PF in 2021 and Lungu is determined to harm him.

Kambwili complained that the intimidation he has been facing from security officers who have been trailing has made him fear for his life to get into his constituency where he has not been for over two months now because the police officers can kill him or plant something to incriminate him.

“My home is private property and I am entitled to private life without police harassment, I now fear for my life because these police officers can easily kill or plant something at my home to incriminate me. I’d like to warn the police to immediately stop abusing their powers and focus on arresting arsonists and law breakers. Whoever is sending these police officers to harass me and my family should know that time is of the essence. Mind you I have not been in my constituency for over two months because of constantly being followed by OP officials, baring in mind that I am a constituency man and I make an effort to see my people every weekend, this harassment is becoming a burden on my ability to deliver my campaign promises. I am utterly appalled at the behaviour of these people, instead of them being out there chasing criminals they are following Chishimba Kambwili for reasons best known to themselves,” he says.

After being tipped about the heavy presence of armed police officers at his house, Kambwili came out and the officers scampered in all directions but he gathered courage to trail one vehicle and challenged them why they were at his house. He warned that he would not run away because he is not a coward.

“As soon as I came out of my gate the police officers began to scamper in all directions but I managed to follow one car and confronted the officers, when I asked them what crime I have committed for me to be harassed in this manner they had no answer and simply said it’s not our own doing. Whoever is behind this must know that I will not run away from my own home, I will not run away from my responsibilities because I am not a coward”, adds the former minister..



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