Kambwili swindled Chinese businessmen on Mongu stadium – claims Zulu

Kambwili swindled Chinese businessmen on Mongu stadium – claims Zulu

Edgar Lungu’s partner Munir Zulu claims Chishimba Kambwili is as a corrupt businessman who swindled him and others including Chinese nationals doing business in Zambia off thousands of dollars.

Speaking at a Press Briefing held at Crismar Hotel in Lusaka yesterday afternoon, Zulu said:

“The Mongu Stadium Contract failed to take off because Kambwili swindled the Chinese Company Wah Kong enterprise , the company that constructed the Ndola Stadium, off 300 thousand dollars as his commission.”

Zulu stated that the mongu stadium was the first major project to be cancelled at award level and re advertised.

” But Because Chishimba Kambwili did not eat more from the Chinese guys, he managed to re advertise it.”

Zulu challenged the media to go to the Ministry of works and supply as well as the Ministry of sports and find out how the contract was cancelled then re advertised by Kambwili.

” Is this not the same Kambwili that had asked for 500,000 dollars And is it not the reason why the mongu stadium has not taken shape today?” Zulu quetioned.

“He ate the commission and later said there was no money to finance the project. But as a Minister incharge, why would you recommend for technocrats to come up with tender or bid documents, people buy, you swindle them off more than 300 thousand dollars then say there is no money to complete the project?” He wondered.

And Zulu refused to believe Kambwili wanted to be a champion of corruption today when he was the most corrupt person he had ever met stating that he himself had been a victim of Kambwili’s swindling tactics.

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